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Creation, Performance and Artistic Research

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INET-md 2024 Events | Sononautas: Criação comunitária para todas as infâncias
INET-md 2024 News | INET-md researcher at ECIU University Forum 2024
INET-md 2024 Defense of the Doctoral Thesis | António José de Carvalho Pereira
INET-md 2024 Encounter | 5th Dance with Tradition Encounter: from the yard to the stage
2024 Concert | Momentum: Gestos e Estase
INET-md 2024 Events | Música para ver
INET-md 2024 News | INET-md researcher at event on Artificial Intelligence and Creativity
INET-md 2024 Gathering | "How many are we": INET-md celebrates the Carnation Revolution
INET-md 2024 Presentation | Catálogo Descriptivo de Pliegos de Villancicos Portugueses
INET-md 2024 Event | 3rd Meeting on Music, Technology, and Research
INET-md 2024 Defense of the Doctoral Thesis | Marisa Alejandra Ponce de León Hernández
INET-md 2024 Events | Falando sobre: Prática Instrumental no Ensino Superior
INET-md 2024 News| INET-md members in the spotlight at the V Jornadas de Investigación Artística en Música dos Pirineus
INET-md 2024 Call for papers | Historical Music Conference: Notas no Tempo
INET-md 2024 GIED Seminar | Dances with tradition: Fieldwork on traditional dance teaching
INET-md 2024 International Conference | NoiseFloor
INET-md 2024 Launch | Cadernos do Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa: Escritos em Liberdade
INET-md 2024 Seminar CPIA | Concert and communication with Michael Edwards
INET-md 2024 Open lecture | Ethics in Ethnomusicology: Continuing the Conversation
INET-md 2024 Festival | Causa Efeito'24: New Jazz at NOVA
Sofia Lourenço 2024 CD Launch | Caminos Andaluces
INET-md 2024 Book Launch | Música en las cortes ibéricas (1700-1834): ceremonial, artes del espectáculo y representación del poder
INET-md 2024 Festival | Campus Jazz 2024
INET-md 2024 Workshop | Audio recording and editing: a practical approach
INET-md 2024 Defense of the Doctoral Thesis | Guerassim Voronkov
INET-md 2024 Defense of Doctoral Thesis | Fernando Miguel Jalôto
INET-md 2024 7th Lisbon Conference | Chinese Music and Musical Instruments
INET-md 2024 GIEHCM Seminar | Music and exile: the case of Fernando Lopes-Graça’s ballet La fièvre du temps (1938)
INET-md 2024 GIED Seminar | Participatory Dance and Art: From Community Intervention to Research – Opportunities and Challenges
INET-md 2024 International Conference | EUROVISIONS - 7th Edition
INET-md 2024 Events | Falando sobre: Dialogia e Corpomusicalidades
INET-md 2024 Defense of the Doctoral Thesis | Éric Lana
INET-md 2024 Permanent Seminar CPIA | Sound as Matter: Computation in Music Creation and Performance
INET-md 2024 Events |"Vamos Falar de Voz!" seminar
INET-md 2024 Call for papers | International Congress José Afonso
INET-md 2024 Events | Falando sobre: Inmersión, exploración de métodos y proyectos de investigación centrados en el patrimonio musical regional valenciano
INET-md 2024 Permanent Seminar CPIA | IRIN: composition tool
INET-md 2024 Call for Papers | TECNIACÚSTICA 2024: Musical Acoustics
INET-md 2024 News | TransVariations project in artistic residency in Norway
INET-md 2024 Permanent Seminar CPIA | Sound: choreographies of perception
INET-md 2024 Events | Traces of Listening: Field Listening & Recording workshop
INET-md 2024 GIEHCM Seminar | Musica poetica within the scope of the Portuguese polyphonic repertoire
INET-md 2024 Defense of the Doctoral Thesis | Cristina Ioan
INET-md 2024 Concert-talk | From the Salon to the Society: "The music of the Incas and its reminiscences in South American folklore (Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia)"
INET-md 2024 Defense of the Doctoral Thesis | Francisco José Gil Ortiz
INET-md 2024 LA:b Workshop | Rhythm and Body with Michael Siefke
INET-md 2024 Events | Henrique Portovedo on tour in the UK
INET-md 2024 7th Forum INET-md | Challenges, Logics and (In)coherences in Research in Music, Dance and Theatre
INET-md 2024 News | Colloquium on the song "Grândola, Vila Morena" in Paris
INET-md 2024 GIED Seminar | Dance and Inclusion
INET-md 2024 GIEHCM Seminar | Fado in 19th century Brazil: A reassessment of a forgotten practice in light of new historical evidence
2024 CPIA Seminar | Paramorfologia dos motivos
2024 Teacher training | Digital literacy for music teaching
INET-md 2024 CPIA Seminar | Sobre pontos, linhas e planos
INET-md 2024 Call for Proposals | International Congress of Art Education 2024
2024 Concert-talk | From the Salon to the Society: "Florentine Carnival songs from the time of Lorenzo 'The Magnificent'"
INET-md 2024 Performative workshop @evamariageni
INET-md 2024 Talk | Imaginaries of Lusophone global pop culture: transversal alliances, diasporic experiences and postcolonial heritage
Alcina Cortez 2024 Book | O Som como Meio de Comunicação nas Exposições em Museus
INET-md 2024 GIED Seminar | Characterization of professional profiles and competences in dance: European perspectives raised by the Up2Dance program
INET-md 2024 Meeting | Precarious FCSH: Science on a deadline?
INET-md 2024 GIEEMP Seminar | The resonances of the Other: Social interactions during musical education in disadvantaged contexts from Latin America and Europe
2024 Defense of the Doctoral Thesis | Fausto Lessa Fernandes Pizzol
INET-md 2023 Launch | CD-Book "A História da Maria Frederica"
INET-md 2023 Specialized seminar | Creation and performance practices II
INET-md 2023 Concert | Momentum: OpenSpace 5m2
INET-md 2023 GIEHCM Seminar | The Boehm flute in Portugal and Brazil in the 19th century
INET-md 2023 Concert | Live premiere of the album "Massaiá" Vol. I
INET-md 2023 Roundtable | Virtual presentation of the Encyclopaedia of Music in Portugal in the 20th Century
INET-md 2023 Defense of the Doctoral Thesis | Lucas André Wink
INET-md 2023 Roundtable | The living voice of music archives
INET-md 2023 GIEHCM Seminar | Musical practices in Lisbon in the 20th century: Itineraries, genres and spaces
INET-md 2023 Project | Researchers challenge the limits of art and technology in a new stage of the TransVariation project
INET-md 2023 Defense of the Doctoral Thesis | Samuel de Freitas Barros Neto
INET-md 2023 International Forum | Post-ip'23: 7th International Post-graduate Forum in Studies in Music and Dance Internacional de Pós-graduação em Estudos em Música e Dança
INET-md 2023 Exhibition | Zés P´reiras Nacionais de Fragoso: sounds of relationships and affection
INET-md 2023 Talk | Understanding the body discourse in the context of dance in India
2023 Events | Workshop and Seminar on music and academic writing
2023 Defense of the Doctoral Thesis | Ana Margarida Brito Cardoso
INET-md 2023 GIEHCM Seminar | Between the ancient and the modern: Theory and musical practice in the 17th and 18th centuries
INET-md 2023 International Congress | SIBE 2023 "A la escucha de nuestro presente: una cartografía de las culturas musicales en el siglo XXI"
2023 INET-md VI Forum | 2030: Challenges and Possibilities
2023 Training session | Data protection and research | Fernando Batista
INET-md 2023 Specialized seminar | Creation and performance practices | Sergio Kafejian
INET-md 2023 Autumn School 2023 | Cartographies of the Present: Exploring music education in a changing society
INET-md 2023 Concert | "Re(M)ind" premiere
INET-md 2023 LA:b Workshop | A phenomenological approach to musicians body self-awareness
INET-md 2023 Online Symposium | TradiMus 2023 "Music traditions in the 21st century: new practices, contexts and challenges"
INET-md 2023 International Conference | Encontro Português: Conference on Music and the State
INET-md 2023 Concert | Duo Sigma - cello and piano
INET-md 2023 Concert | ANIMA – latin-american music for piano four hands
INET-md 2023 INET-md is leading Ethnomusicological Research into the Philharmonic Bands of Vimeiro
INET-md 2023 Course Unit | Music Festivals in Portugal and Europe
INET-md 2023 GIEEMP Seminar | Expressive culture on the Portuguese-Spanish border: sociocultural transformation processes, musical agents, and practices of identity construction
INET-md 2023 CEEMP | Fado from Goa
INET-md 2023 V FMH Study Days - Dança & Complexidade
INET-md 2023 Workshop | Inclusive Music Education: technologies for access to music learning
INET-md 2023 GIEHCM Seminar | CD Launch: "Concerti Grossi - António Pereira da Costa".
INET-md 2023 Internacional Seminar | Postcolonial Airliners as Cultural Mediators | Corporate Branding and Cultural Governance in Transnational Contexts
INET-md 2023 Conference | Protest Song Meeting - Protest Song in Ibero-America
INET-md 2023 Conference | Práticas artísticas e a inclusão de refugiados e migrantes na Europa
INET-md 2023 Concert | “Des/encontros” by Borealis Ensemble
INET-md 2023 Encounter | 4th Dance with Tradition Encounter: from the yard to the stage
INET-md 2023 GIEHCM Seminar | The Musical Direction of the Royal Chamber of Fernando VII (1814-1833)
INET-md 2023 GIEHCM Seminar | Erik Satie and the "Six"
INET-md 2023 Exhibition | “Ser Músico em Portugal (1750-1985)”
INET-md 2023 Exhibition | Seeing Sound, Drawing Migrations - An Exhibition of Ethnographic Drawings
INET-md 2023 V INET-md Forum - INET-md: Present and Future
INET-md 2023 GIEHCM Seminar | Safeguard, Organization and Dissemination of Musical Heritage
INET-md 2023 MIMC Seminar | Professor CHEN Jen-yen - The Sounds of Western Others and Their Chinese Listeners in the Guangdong Province Region
INET-md 2023 6th Lisbon Conference | Chinese Music and Musical Instruments
INET-md 2023 GIEHCM Seminar | Music Collectors: From the 18th Century Court to the Private Salons of the 20th century
INET-md 2023 78 Rotações Cycle | Joana Amendoeira and Terno Carioca Concert
INET-md 2023 Workshop | Lisbon's Fado
INET-md 2023 78 Rotações Cycle | Valeria Lobão Concert
INET-md 2023 Specialized Seminar | Creation and interactive performance with new media | Jônatas Manzolli
INET-md 2023 78 Rotações Cycle | Libertação da Memória Sonora
INET-md 2022 Colloquium | Ouvir de olhos abertos: Música e Política em Portugal no Século XX
INET-md 2022 Exhibition | Chinese Musical Instruments in Mafra
INET-md 2022 Exhibition | “Ser Músico em Portugal (1750-1985)”
INET-md 2022 Exposição | ORFEU [1956-2013]
INET-md 2022 Cycle of Discussions | Ser Músico em Portugal
INET-md 2022 Eurovisions Series | Back from Eurovision
INET-md 2022 5th Lisbon Conference | Chinese Music and Musical Instruments
INET-md 2022 Symposium | musichildren'22: Music for and by Children: Perspectives from Composers, Performers and Educators
INET-md 2022 Seminário | Músicos Profissionais Na 1ª República: Dos Conservatório e Dos Teatros aos Clubes e Animatógrafos
INET-md 2022 Defense of the Doctoral Thesis | Alcina Cortez
INET-md 2022 Encounter | 3rd Dance with Tradition Encounter: from the yard to the stage
INET-md 2022 Open Class | The Invention of Tonality: Beyond the Nature/Culture dualism
INET-md 2021 New Year's Course | Music Culture
INET-md 2021 Palestra / Conference | Cultivating Compassion: Practices and Processes of Music-Making for Personal and Social Growth Inside and Outside Prisons
INET-md 2021 CEEMP | Carnival as the Theory and Practice of Activism in the Alternative Fanfare Movement in Rio de Janeiro
INET-md 2021 Seminar | From Colonial War to Independence: Being a Musician in the Portuguese State of India, Angola and Mozambique
INET-md 2021 Defense of the Doctoral Thesis | Moisés Rafael
INET-md 2021 Conference | Rethinking the historical development of Haitian culture and religion from an Afro-Iberian perspective: The case of the Rara
INET-md 2021 Seminar | Music and Body: tradition & transgression freeing the self through EDM festivals
INET-md 2021 Seminar | Music and Body: tradition & transgression in dance
INET-md 2021 Encounter | 2nd National University and Culture Meeting
INET-md 2021 Concert | Persian Music
INET-md 2021 Seminar | Music and Body: tradition & transgression through metal studies
INET-md 2021 Concert | Quinteto de Sopros do Vale in Antena 2
INET-md 2021 Seminar | Music and Body: tradition & transgression in Ibero-American symbolic imagery
INET-md 2021 Seminar | Music and Body: tradition & transgression in gender and queer conditions
INET-md 2021 Symposium | 6th SIMM-posium: The social and cultural commitment of the musician
INET-md 2021 Palestra / Conference | Relações entre a música e aspetos não musicais da experiência humana: Audição, aulas, capacidade e desempenho
INET-md 2021 Seminar | 4th SIMM-seminar
INET-md 2021 Release | A imprensa como fonte para a história da interpretação musical
INET-md 2021 Aula Aberta | Aprendizagem musical e desenvolvimento infantil: uma conversa sobre os estudos de transferência cognitiva
INET-md 2021 Cycle of Conversations | To the sound of the viola: Dialogues on collaboration dynamics between viola players and builders in the construction of Portuguese wire violas
INET-md 2021 IC CIPEM 2021: Perspectives in Psychology of Music and Music Education
INET-md 2021 YouTube channel | +Q Intérpretes
INET-md 2021 Encounter | 2nd Dance with Tradition Encounter: from the yard to the stage
INET-md 2020 Aula Aberta | La Creación Musical como Base del Aprendizage Musical: Um Enfoque Creativo y Multidisciplinar
INET-md 2020 Aula Aberta | Música e comunidade. Uma experiência de educação musical brasileira
INET-md 2019 Encounter | 1st Dance with Tradition Encounter: from the yard to the stage
INET-md 2019 Launch | Collection "Músicos Ocultos"
INET-md 2019 CD Launch | "Músicos Ocultos": ao Quinteto Nacional de Sopro
INET-md 2019 Book Launch | Atores da educação musical: etnografia nos programas socioculturais El Sistema, Neojiba e Orquestra Geração
INET-md 2019 Workshop | MEYES: Audio Storytelling Practices
INET-md 2019 Aula Aberta | Music moves us: Tracing adaptations in the professional practice of musicians with chronic illness and injury
INET-md 2019 Workshop | Audio Storytelling Practices. Recording, Preserving and Composing Stories
INET-md 2019 Encontro da Canção de Protesto
INET-md 2019 Conference | Encontro da Canção de Protesto
INET-md 2019 Radio Show | Giro 78: viagens sonoras em goma-laca
INET-md 2019 Baroque Festivals between the sacred and the profane: Europe and the Atlantic
INET-md 2019 International Conference "Hidden Archives, Hidden Practices: Debates about music-making"
INET-md 2019 De não saber o que me espera: nos 90 anos de José Afonso
INET-md 2019 IV FMH Study Days - Soundscape/ Bodyscape
INET-md 2019 Aula Aberta | Processos de aprendizagem em práticas musicais – notas para o trabalho docente
INET-md 2019 Talk-ip!: Traditional music revival in Georgia on example of folk-fusion music
INET-md 2019 Entender a Marcação do Movimento a Partir da Dança e da Música
INET-md 2019 Workshop - MUSIC CRITICISM
INET-md 2019 4th Lisbon Conference | Chinese Music and Musical Instruments
INET-md 2019 Internacional Conference | EUROVISIONS – 2nd edition
INET-md 2019 Talk-ip!: Para uma compreensão do lugar da música nos eventos de recriação histórica em Portugal
INET-md 2019 CEEMP Conference | Sri Lankan Baila: the Composer’s Musical Journeys
INET-md 2019 International Workshop - Performing “New” Music: Ethnographies of Musical Creativities
INET-md 2019 Music and Nationalism: ethno-symbolism and heritage
INET-md 2019 Finissage - Exposição "Orgulho Bairrista"
INET-md 2019 Call for Articles - IC CIPEM 2019
INET-md 2019 Paluí está aqui? Histórias sonoras para cantos interiores
INET-md 2019 22nd Symposium of the ICTM Study Group Musical Instruments
INET-md 2019 Conferência Internacional "Our music, our world: wind bands and local social life"
INET-md 2019 O Ruído Urbano: Aspetos Legais e Princípios Conceptuais
INET-md 2019 Musical Interpretation as Hermeneutics of Music
INET-md 2019 Music and Nationalism:post-colonialism and emergent new states
INET-md 2019 Workshop | Musicoterapia e Necessidades Educativas Especiais
INET-md 2019 Modernisation of Musical Traditions: Global Perspectives
INET-md 2019 International Conference Rome and Lisbon in the 18th century: music, visual arts and cultural transfers
INET-md 2019 Ciclo de Conferências - Escutar Lisboa
INET-md 2019 Exposição "Orgulho bairrista"
INET-md 2019 Do Tejo ao Tibre: músicos e artistas portugueses em Roma no século XVIII
INET-md 2019 Talk-ip!: Malta do Norte: Um estudo etnográfico sobre a cena do Jazz portuense
INET-md 2019 International Symposium | SOUNDS OF TOURISM
INET-md 2019 Talk-ip!: A inclusão da performance na análise musical: uma perspectiva a partir da construção da sonoridade em peças para piano
INET-md 2018 Lançamento da Terpsicore - base de dados de Dança e Artes Performativas
INET-md 2018 Were palaeolithic cave paintings placed because of acoustic response?
INET-md 2018 Sounds of Vacation: Political Economies of Caribbean Tourism
INET-md 2018 Songs from Ceylon: collection of Portuguese Creole musics from South Asia
INET-md 2018 Falando sobre: Práticas Artísticas e Inclusão Social
INET-md 2018 1st LiveLoopists Meeting – The use of Live Looping in musical performance
INET-md 2018 Music & Art: Teaching Together
INET-md 2018 Vamos xperimentar? | Opening party of the research project Xperimus
INET-md 2018 Ripe for Shredding: Interpreting popular meanings of cyber music practices
INET-md 2018 Lição inaugural do Programa Doutoral em Música
INET-md 2018 CIRC_ Ciclo de Recitais Conferência em Investigação Artística - Classic Guitar: de Villa-Lobos a Leo Brouwer
INET-md 2018 Knowing what difference we are making: practical approaches to assessment in dance movement therapy (DMT)
INET-md 2018 Seminário "CIPEM - 20 anos de Investigação e Prática"
INET-md 2018 Fórum Bragança em Música de Fundo
INET-md 2018 III FMH Study Days - Práticas Performativas em Torno d'O Animal
INET-md 2018 Falando sobre: mentoring
INET-md 2018 Las canciones e himnos patrióticos en el mundo hispánico durante el siglo XIX. ¿Género revolucionario o gubernamental? Intercambio de textos entre los bandos en disputa
INET-md 2018 Narrative Videos by MA Students
INET-md 2018 MELODRAMA: da interpretação à composição
INET-md 2018 MOMENTUM - Sons do Imaginário'18
INET-md 2018 A interpretação do Brasil na composição para violão de 7 cordas
INET-md 2018 Aula Aberta | Understanding the concert experience: implications for research and artistic practice
INET-md 2018 Carnival Brass Bands in New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro: Disinheritance, Alternative Whiteness, and Musical Eclecticism
INET-md 2018 3rd Lisbon Conference | Chinese Music and Musical Instruments
INET-md 2018 Addressing Human Rights Deficits of Urban Poverty through Music
INET-md 2018 Oficinas de Música | Chinese Musical Instruments
INET-md 2018 Red Chamber Ensemble in Concert
INET-md 2018 Red Chamber Ensemble
INET-md 2018 Conferência - Disrupting the Status Quo: Young musicians that create change
INET-md 2018 Conferência Internacional Memória, Cultura e Devir - Estudos Aprofundados em Ciências Sociais
INET-md 2018 Workshop "VJESH/SINGING"
INET-md 2018 Filming the music: the collaboration between a filmmaker and an ethnomusicologist
INET-md 2018 Meyes - Music to our Eyes
INET-md 2018 Oficina Intensiva de Etnografia Audiovisual
INET-md 2018 Zofia Neugebauer - Oficina para Flautistas
INET-md 2018 Internacional Conference | EUROVISIONS – 1st edition | 2nd session
INET-md 2018 Music & Dance Education under the influences of cross-culture in Macau (2)
INET-md 2018 Call for Proposals - Research Hands on Flute
INET-md 2018 Antifascist legacies: musical memorializations of the WWII Resistenza in contemporary Italian popular music.
INET-md 2018 Film "Il Nemico: un breviario partigiano"
INET-md 2018 Research Seminar - Edición crítica de música: estrategias para la recuperación del patrimonio musical histórico del Instituto Complutense de Ciencias Musicales (ICCMU)
INET-md 2018 José Alberto Salgado - Para estudar o Trabalho Musical
INET-md 2018 Acácio Piedade - Composição Transcultural
INET-md 2018 Seminar - O Som como meio e como forma de representação cultural: Reflexões a partir da Antropologia
INET-md 2018 Judith Ortega Rodríguez - Baile y música en la corte de Carlos III: el espectáculo hípico de “Las Parejas”
INET-md 2018 Colóquio Internacional de Estudos sobre Memórias, Sons e Textos: festas e representações, entre a subversão e a patrimonialização
INET-md 2018 Seminar - EAVOCZ: Escala de Apreciação da Voz Cantada
INET-md 2018 Rupesh Gawas - Hindustani Music Workshops
INET-md 2018 Gathering Cycle - Música Pimba com Rosinha
INET-md 2018 Documentary - Lopes Graça - 111.º aniversário - o compositor e o documentário
INET-md 2018 Aula Aberta | Music, social class and elitism in the Oxford collegiate choral context
INET-md 2018 Falando sobre Musicoterapia
INET-md 2018 Falando sobre: o ensino de música popular
INET-md 2018 Técnicas de Captação e Gravação Sonora para Ciências Sociais
INET-md 2018 International Conference | EUROVISIONS - 1st Edition | 1st Session
INET-md 2018 Music and Nationalism
INET-md 2018 Workshop "Ethnographies of Musical Creativities"
INET-md 2018 Work Session "Collaborative Knowledge and Dynamic Representation Networks"
INET-md 2017 Seminar - The Influence of Piano Technician on the Aesthetic of Piano Sounds Through Practical Application
INET-md 2017 Seminar - The Art of Memorizing Music
INET-md 2017 Seminar - The Mafra Carillons
INET-md 2017 Seminar - Problemas de ressonância: alguns resultados matemáticos com aplicações em acústica
INET-md 2017 Seminar - Designing the Sonic Environment of a Film
INET-md 2017 Seminar - A gravação e reprodução em disco de Goma-Laca
INET-md 2017 Seminar - Overview in Parametric Loudspeaker Array Technology and its Applications in Spacialisation in Electronic Music
INET-md 2017 Festival Dias de Música Electroacústica | The Soundscape We Live In
INET-md 2017 Festival Dias de Música Electroacústica 56
INET-md 2017 Event - Quinzena de Dança em Almada - International Dance Festival
INET-md 2017 Chinese Music as Cross-Culture: Call for Papers
INET-md 2017 3rd Research Symposium on Social Impact of Making Music (SIMM) 2018
INET-md 2017 A Presença do Texto na Dança e no Teatro Contemporâneos - Call For Papers
INET-md 2017 Canções de Ida e Volta
INET-md 2017 Study Days Maestro Manuel Ivo Cruz 2017
INET-md 2017 'Hands on' Guitar
INET-md 2017 2nd Symposium | ICTM Study Group "Audiovisual Ethnomusicology"
INET-md 2017 Raúl Zurita - Violeta Parra: Doblada de Amor
INET-md 2017 Summer Course - A Música nas Capelas Reais Europeias Setecentistas: da Corte para a Cidade
INET-md 2017 Summer Course - Fundamentais de acústica para a prática e a performance musical
INET-md 2017 Martin Clayton - Does Musical Entertainment vary with Culture?
INET-md 2017 Filippo Bonini Baraldi - O "corpo fechado" : dança, emoção e espiritualidade no Maracatu de baque solto
INET-md 2017 Workshop EAW'17 | "Audio Post-Production for Cinema"
INET-md 2017 Workshop EAW'17 | "Observation of the Environment and Construction of the Landscape"
INET-md 2017 Workshop "Filming as Musical Heritage"
INET-md 2017 Film "Hanoi Eclipse: The Music of Dai Lam Linh"
INET-md 2017 Workshop EAW'17 | "Sound Particles: Presentation and Experimentation by the Author of the Software"
INET-md 2017 Workshop EAW'17 | "Sing and Speak 4 Kids"
INET-md 2017 Workshop EAW'17 | "MUSIDESIGN: Patterns in live performance"
INET-md 2017 Workshop EAW'17 | "The Bucket System – a Computer Mediated Improvisation System"
INET-md 2017 Film "Strange Fish"
INET-md 2017 Judith Ortega Rodríguez - La música de Corte en España durante los reinados de Carlos III, Carlos IV y Fernando VII (1759 y 1833): instituciones, prácticas y repertorios
INET-md 2017 Aurélie Helmlinger - Cognitive Ethnomusicology of Trinidad and Tobago Steelbands: from the Study of Memory to the Musical Ergonomy
INET-md 2017 Barley Norton - Film Presentation: Hanoi Eclipse: The Music of Dai Lam Linh
INET-md 2017 Luís Costa Vázquez - O Coralismo Galego como Proxección das Estratexias Nacionalitarias do Galeguismo
INET-md 2017 Post-ip: Call for Papers
INET-md 2017 Masterclass - Improvisação para estudantes e músicos de formação erudita
INET-md 2017 II FMH Study Days - O Mestre Nu
INET-md 2017 Summer Course - História Oral, Usos da Memória e Práticas do Património
INET-md 2017 2nd Lisbon Conference | Chinese Music and Musical Instruments
INET-md 2017 Giorgio Adamo - Some experiences of using video for documentation and analysis methodological and technical issues
INET-md 2017 Meeting - Trés Claveles: Violeta Parra, Juan Manuel Serrat e Victor Jara
INET-md 2017 Roundtable | Research on Chinese Music
INET-md 2017 International Congress - A Imprensa como Fonte para a História da Interpretação Musical
INET-md 2017 Fronteiras e Topografias do Poder
INET-md 2017 Performance Musical como Investigação Artística
INET-md 2017 Livia Jímenez Sedano - Reflexões sobre baile, cultura e emoção a partir dos desencontros na pista de kizomba
INET-md 2017 Márcia Ramos de Oliveira - Breve esboço sobra a história do tempo presente: aproximações com a pesquisa em música
INET-md 2017 Post-ip Workshops: Como desenhar e defender uma tese com o software Idea Puzzle
INET-md 2017 Study Day - Memória, Património e Devir: entre Futuros Passados e Tempos Inéditos
INET-md 2017 Isabel Campelo - Within the recording studio | Alcina Cortez - Sound epistemologies in museums | Samuel Mund - Ethnomusicological Sound Archives
INET-md 2017 Study Sessions and Colloquia - Music and Emotions
INET-md 2017 Singing the Past - Music and the Politics of Memory
INET-md 2017 Doctoral Forum 2017 | Program
INET-md 2017 Susana Belchior - Gramophone Acoustic Records: a Material Approach | Miguel Carvalho - Bell Design and Tuning Techniques Through the Ages | Pedro Castro - The Court Serenata in the Time of Queen Maria I
INET-md 2017 José Alberto Salgado - Para estudar o Trabalho Musical
INET-md 2017 Márcia Ramos Oliveira - As cinebiografias musicais de Carmen Miranda e Amália Rodrigues: um projeto compartilhado
INET-md 2017 Educação Artística: Desafios para o século XXI
INET-md 2017 Seminar - Corpo e imaginário na Cena Contemporânea
INET-md 2017 Post-ip Workshops: 10 mitos sobre a cultura livre e o acesso aberto ao conhecimento
INET-md 2016 Beatriz Helena Furlanetto | Ana Paula Peters - Tradições que cruzam o Atlântico: Boi-de-mamão e Rodas e choro paranenses
INET-md 2016 Samuel Araújo - Música e Justiça Social
INET-md 2016 Film Series - Music as Power
INET-md 2016 Ciclo de Cinema - Music as Power 2017
INET-md 2016 Novas grandezas que já pareciam impossíveis à imaginação”: a música e as artes visuais na Patriarcal de Lisboa (1716-1834)
INET-md 2016 A assinatura sonora de um corpo em movimento: cruzamentos entre dança e tecnologia
INET-md 2016 Alex Duarte - Explorando a loop station: o uso do live looping em performance musical
INET-md 2016 30 anos de formação em Educação Musical na Escola Superior de Educação | PP
INET-md 2016 Seminar - Culture, Science and Politics in Portugal in the XXth century (2)
INET-md 2016 Da Real Barraca ao Paço da Ajuda: a música em torno da Família Real
INET-md 2016 Memórias da Guerra de Espanha na Fronteira do Baixo Alentejo
INET-md 2016 ML78 - Music and Lusophony in 78 rpm collections
INET-md 2016 I FMH Study Days - Práticas Performativas em Torno do Corpo-Arquivo
INET-md 2016 IV INET-md Forum - Música, dança e humanidades digitais
INET-md 2016 Workshop "Descrever a experiência corportal pelas técnicas de elicitação - Ferramenta para investigação, transmissão e criação"
INET-md 2016 Course - Estudar a Noite Urbana: Teoria e Prática. Uma Abordagem Multidisciplinar Vista a Partir das Ciências Sociais
INET-md 2016 Course - Fundamentos de Acústica para a Prática e a Performance Musical
INET-md 2016 Técnicas de Captação e Gravação Sonora para Ciências Sociais
INET-md 2016 Course - Música Electroacústica, Sound Design e Espacialização
INET-md 2016 Course - História Oral, Usos da Memória e Práticas do Património
INET-md 2016 III INET-md Forum - Music and Dance Archives
INET-md 2016 Mariana Portas - Listening to Music Theory: Experiencing Sound in the 18th Century | Tiago Hora - Record Production of Early Century Portugal
INET-md 2016 Layla Dari - Multi-ethnic Orchestras and Music Hybridity | Helena Milheiro - The Filarmónica Portuguesa de Paris and “cultural interface”
INET-md 2016 Launching of the CD Portuguese Piano Music: João Guilherme Daddi e José Vieira da Mota
INET-md 2016 Diana Vinagre - João Baptista André Avondano (d. 1800): An European Journey Under the Royal Wing and its Repercussion in the Violoncello Performance Practice in Portugal | Fernando Jalôto - Admirable Commercium: D. Antonio Tedeschi and the Artistic
INET-md 2016 Jorge Correia | Helena Marinho - Compositoras Portuguesas Séc. XX-XXI
INET-md 2016 ICMHM´16 - Music and Human Mobility: Redefining Community in Intercultural Context
INET-md 2016 ICPSONG´16 - Protest Song and Social Change
INET-md 2016 Tiago Morin - Software gratuito de notação musical: Musescore e Lilypond
INET-md 2016 Memória, Cultura e Devir - Teoria e Caminhos ​para as​ Ciências Sociais
INET-md 2016 1st Lisbon Conference | Chinese Music and Musical Instruments
INET-md 2016 Paulo Maria Rodrigues - Música, Educação e Comunidade: crónicas de uma vida breve e morte (mal) anunciada
INET-md 2016 Seminar - Culture, Science and Politics in Portugal in the XXth century
INET-md 2016 Hugo Castro - Music, Politics and Revolution: Protest Song and the Carnation Revolution in Portugal | Ricardo Andrade - País relativo: Rock Sinfónico and Sociopolitical Critique in the Work of Petrus Castrus
INET-md 2016 Post-ip Workshops: CV's Académicos: Dora Maria Ribeiro
INET-md 2016 Stefan Östersjö - Métodos em investigação artística
INET-md 2016 Approaching World Music through Intertextuality: an Analytical and Methodological Proposal
INET-md 2016 Bart Vanspauwen - Protest Songs and lusofonia: past and present | Pedro Boléo Rodrigues - The past and the present: music, memory and avant-garde in the Portuguese Cinema Novo
INET-md 2016 Lisboa Mistura 2009
INET-md 2016 Launching of the CD Borealis Ensemble - Música nova para instrumentos antigos (I)
INET-md 2016 Bart Vanspauwen - From feira to festival: Musidanças in the Feira de São Mateus (2013) | Sofia Lopes - “A Luta é Alegria”: music and politics in the RTP song contest
INET-md 2016 Propaganda, Cultura e Entretenimento em Portugal na primeira metade do século XX
INET-md 2016 A crueldade, o cosmos, o corpo que dança: considerações ético-estéticas sobre Artaud
INET-md 2016 Sofia Lopes - Music Production and display of identities in the RTP Song Contest | João Ricardo Pinto - Musical Production in the beggining of Radiotelevisão Portuguesa (RTP)
INET-md 2015 Post-ip'15 - 3rd International Forum for Postgraduate Studies in Music and Dance
INET-md 2015 Post-ip'17 - 4th International Forum for Postgraduate Studies in Music and Dance
INET-md 2015 International Forum | Post-ip'22 - 6th International Forum for Postgraduate Studies in Music and Dance
INET-md 2015 José Nelson Cordeniz - Methodology and the Study of Bells | Miguel Carvalho - New Methods for the Tuning of Idiophones
INET-md 2015 International Forum | Post-ip'19
INET-md 2015 TEDance | Innovate, Connect, Transform 2015 (ICT 2015)
INET-md 2015 Seminário - Birds, Bells, Toads, Car Horns: Listening to Histories of Listening in Papua New Guinea, Europe, & West Africa, 1975-2015
INET-md 2015 Seminar - Geography beyond Geography
INET-md 2015 Sons&Saberes - Encontros de Etnomusicologia Dialógica - Pesquisa-Ação Participativa
INET-md 2015 Performigrations: People are the Territory
INET-md 2015 Jazz Metting - 25th IASJ
INET-md 2015 Debora Baldelli - H@re Krishn@'s in Movement: Interaction, Devotion and Musical Practice Online
INET-md 2015 José Alberto Salgado - Para estudar o trabalho musical
IPP / ESTSP / ESMAE 2015 Convite - Ciclo de Conferências
INET-md 2015 EnIM 15 | V Meeting on Music Research
INET-md 2015 II INET-md Forum - INET-md 20 years | Lusophony and Expressive Culture
INET-md 2015 Richard Wolf - Music and Moral Being in Central Asia
INET-md 2015 I INET-md Forum - Education and Music in the Community
INET-md 2015 Fernando Souza - Pernambucan Coco Beats & Identity
INET-md 2015 Ivan Vilela - Canonizações e esquecimentos na música popular brasileira
INET-md 2015 Luca Della Libera - The Sacred Music of Alessandro Scarlatti. Between Passion and Devotion
INET-md 2015 Carlos Cavallini - New MPB in Brazil, alternative music in Portugal: the MPB in the 21st century
INET-md 2015 16. internationaler Diskgrafentag
INET-md 2015 Jorge Correia Carvalho - Kora, Povo que canta os seus antepassados não morrerá
INET-md 2015 Workshop “Music and Television”
INET-md 2015 José Dias - Jazz in Europe: negotiating sounds, narratives and identity
INET-md 2015 Pedro Nunes - Diversidade e sinergias na indústria fonográfica em Portugal,1988-2008
INET-md 2015 14.ª Festa do Jazz do São Luís | Researchers in Residence
INET-md 2015 Miguel Moniz - Fanfarra and brass walking bands in modern Portugal. The evolution of traditional cultural forms in local responses to political and economic transformations.
INET-md 2015 Silvestru Dorel Petac - Calus and Pauliteiros: Proximity and Distance
INET-md 2014 Post-ip Dialogues: Roberto Gerhardt
INET-md 2014 Conference Pamela Mia Paul | Maria Leonor Sweetmore
INET-md 2014 João Ricardo Pinto - Produção Musical nos Primórdios da Radiotelevisão Portuguesa (1956-1964) | Tiago Videira - Estatísticas num Corpus de Fados
INET-md 2014 EnIM 14 | IV Meeting on Music Research
INET-md 2014 EnIM 22 | XI Meeting on Music Research
INET-md 2014 EnIM 14 | IV Meeting on Music Research
INET-md 2014 Post-ip Conferences in Music and Dance: João de Athayde
INET-md 2014 Cecília de Lima Teixeira - TransMeaning - uma prática de sentido pelo sentir: incorporar o sentido de resistência | Ricardo Andrade - Os cantos mágicos dos peregrinos do som: "Symphonic/Progressive" Rock in Portugal during the 1970s
INET-md 2014 Music and shared imaginaries: nationalisms, communities, and choral singing
INET-md 2014 Study Day - Roma, Nápoles, Paris, Lisboa: artistas, estilos e repertórios em trânsito ao longo do século XVII
INET-md 2014 Ana Flávia Miguel - Kola San Jon, património cultural imaterial em Portugal: Etnomusicologia aplicada e experiências de trabalho de campo na Cova da Moura | Bart Vanspauwen - Música descolonizando Lusofonia?
INET-md 2014 Workshop "Documentary Film"
INET-md 2014 Film Series - 25 de Abril e depois
INET-md 2014 20th Meeting of the Study Group on Historical Sources of Traditional Music (ICTM)
INET-md 2014 International Concert Cycle and Piano Masterclass
INET-md 2014 Dias de Música Electroacústica Festival
INET-md 2014 Carla Minelli - O desafio da tradição na Festa
INET-md 2014 Concert Cycle 2014
INET-md 2013 Post-ip'13 - 2nd International Forum for Postgraduate Studies in Music and Dance
INET-md 2013 Símbolos de Bronze: representação e tecnologia nos Carrilhões de Mafra
INET-md 2013 Jazz Talks: 1st International Jazz Conference of the University of Aveiro
INET-md 2013 Performa´13 - Encontros de Investigação em Performance
INET-md 2013 Leonor Losa - Diferença na economia cultural global
INET-md 2013 Bart Vanspauwen - Advocacy and ethnomusicology: practical examples and questions
INET-md 2013 Pedro Félix - Algumas questões da sua tese de doutoramento titulada "Ai se ele caí". Uma etnografia dá prática do grupo Xutos & Pontapés
INET-md 2013 Ana Alarcón Jiménez - Different aspects of interviewing as used in the context of ethnomusicological research | Debora Baldelli - Stone's "feedback interview" method
INET-md 2013 Pedro Moreira - Algumas questões da sua tese titulada “’Cantando espalharei por toda parte’: programação, produção musical e o "aportuguesamento" da "música ligeira" na Emissora Nacional de Radiodifusão (1934-1949)
INET-md 2012 EnIM 12 | II Meeting on Music Research
INET-md 2012 Opera and Cinema: The Politics of and Encounter
INET-md 2012 Jornadas Música e Estado I - Música, cultura de corte e poder político em Portugal na época moderna
INET-md 2012 Music and Cultural Industries in Portugal in the XXth Century
INET-md 2012 On the Border: Bridging the Path betwwen Tradition and Art
INET-md 2012 Musical Insularity: How it Favours Conservation, How it Triggers Innovation
INET-md 2012 Património Sonoro em Portugal: protagonistas, fundos e instituições
INET-md 2012 Soirées at Nova - David Murray & José Dias Quarteto
 | Mo Francesco Quintetto
INET-md 2012 Event - International Jazz Day
INET-md 2011 Pan-Mediterranean Poetic Competitions and Their Music: Historical Perspectives and Contemporary Practice
INET-md 2011 EnIM 11 | I Meeting on Music Research
INET-md 2011 International Seminar - SIDD 2011 - Discover Dance / Discovering Through Dance
INET-md 2011 Seminar - Seminar of Ethnomusicology
INET-md 2011 Goa: Past and Present
INET-md 2011 Music and Media: 3rd International Meeting
INET-md 2011 Concert - Gamelan Group
INET-md 2011 Performa´11 - Encontros de Investigação em Performance
INET-md 2011 Seminar - Sound and Music in the Work of João César Monteiro
INET-md 2011 Seminar - Amália and Cinema
INET-md 2010 SIBE+ 2010 - Music and Knowledge in Transit
INET-md 2010 Inaugural Lecture: Doctoral Program in Music - Glaura Lucas
INET-md 2010 Heloísa Duarte Valente - A importância do conceito de "performance" para o estudo de cancão
INET-md 2010 One Day Conference - Música e Literatura: Entre a Consciência Patrimonial e Intervenção
INET-md 2010 Concert - Júlio Resende Trio
INET-md 2010 Debate - 2nd Voice Science Symposium: The Singing Voice
INET-md 2010 Danilo Ramos - Comunicando emoções em música: do código acústico empregado pelo pianista à percepção do ouvinte
INET-md 2010 Conference Cycle - Jazz e Comportamentos Sociais de Resistência em Portugal no Século XX
INET-md 2010 Debate - Crítica Musical, Para que Serve?
INET-md 2010 Dance Conferences
INET-md 2010 Masterclasses Cycle - Mário Laginha: Piano Masterclass
INET-md 2010 Concert - Luís Figueiredo Trio
INET-md 2010 One-Day Conference - Alejo Carpentier: Todo futuro es fabuloso
INET-md 2010 Susan Hallam - The Power of Music
INET-md 2010 Susan Hallam - Learning and motivation
INET-md 2010 Seminar - Listening to the Moving Images
INET-md 2010 Martin Stokes - Love as Knowledge in Turkish Musical Culture
INET-md 2009 Roundtable: Problems of Representation of Music
INET-md 2009 Helena Lourosa - A Banda de Música de Santiago de Riba-Ul e a sua contribuição para o conhecimento da história do Movimento Filarmónico em Portugal
INET-md 2009 Post-ip'09 - 1st International Forum for Postgraduate Studies in Music and Dance
INET-md 2009 Research Seminar - Expressões Musicais Populares de Aquém e de Além-Mar
INET-md 2009 Derek Pardue - Hora de bai. Expressões de cidadania no rap kriolu
INET-md 2009 State Music and Dictatorship
INET-md 2009 Performa´09 - Encontros de Investigação em Performance
INET-md 2009 Workshop “A Indústria da Música em Portugal"
INET-md 2009 Stephan Jürgens - Strategies for Interactive Situations in Technologically Expanded Life Performance
INET-md 2009 Debate - 1as Jornadas de Ciência Vocal: Formação Contínua de Profissionais de Voz
INET-md 2008 Course - 1.º Curso Nacional de Saúde e Bem-Estar para os Músicos
INET-md 2008 Maurílio Rocha - Teatro, música popular e violência urbana: um estudo de caso
INET-md 2008 Roshan Samtani - Konnakol. Sistema rítmico e métrico da música do sul da Ìndia
INET-md 2008 Luso-Brazilian Musics at the End of the Old Regime: Repertories, Practices and Representations
INET-md 2008 Traineeship - Dias de Música Contemporânea: Traineeship for para Musician, Maestros and Composers
INET-md 2008 Jorge Castro Ribeiro - Questões e tópicos centrais no discurso de duas gerações de protagonistas sobre o batuque cabo-verdiano em Lisboa
INET-md 2008 Pedro Félix - Xutos & Pontapés. O desenho da pesquisa e a sua importância
INET-md 2008 Ricardo Pinheiro - O Papel da Jam Session na Configuração da Cena do Jazz em Nova Iorque
INET-md 2008 SIBE 2008 - Music, City and Networks
INET-md 2008 Pedro Moreira - O Sistema de Produção Musical da Emissora Nacional de Radiodifusão (1934/1950)
INET-md 2008 Maria do Rosário Pestana - “À luz do Sol, ao pé da igreja” - A música na construção da província do Douro Litoral (1937-1959)
INET-md 2007 Fernando Souza - Coco de roda em Pernambuco - processos de resistência e de reconstrução pós-colonial
INET-md 2007 Rafael Menezes Bastos - Música nas sociedades indígenas amazônicas: questões teóricas, metodológicas e técnicas
INET-md 2007 TeDance: Technologically Expanded Dance
INET-md 2007 Laura Leante - Gesture, imagery and signification in North Indian music performance
INET-md 2007 National Conference on Arts Education
INET-md 2007 Martin Clayton - Experience and meaning in music performance
INET-md 2007 Samuel Araújo - Sons urbanos e mudança social; notas sobre uma pesquisa participativa transdisciplinar na Maré, Rio de Janeiro
INET-md 2007 XXIII ESEM - European Seminar in Ethnomusicology
INET-md 2007 Kimberly da Costa Holton - Orgulho, Preconceito e Política: O Folclore Português no Renascimento Urbano de Newark, New Jersey
INET-md 2007 Multipart Singing in Europe: Historical Trajectories and Current Perspectives
INET-md 2007 Arquivos e a investigação etnomusicológica
INET-md 2007 Os Fonogramas enquanto fonte para a pesquisa
INET-md 2007 Performa´07 - Encontros de Investigação em Performance
INET-md 2007 Problematização do Objecto de Estudo
INET-md 2007 Que olhos vêem o comportamento expressivo?
INET-md 1995 Etnomusicologia Hoje