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On November 18th, at 3pm , the photographic exhibition "Zés P'reiras Nacionais de Fragoso: sounds of relationships and affections" will open for visitors until December 18, at the Casa do Povo da Junta de Freguesia de Fragoso Barcelos.

Curated by Lenice de Sousa Leite, a PhD student at INET-md, the "Zés P'reiras Nacionais de Fragoso: sounds of relationships and affections" photographic exhibition aims to demonstrate that the music of the Zés P'reiras is steeped in life and relationships strengthened in a multi-sensory universe.

Zés P'reiras de Fragoso

Zés P'reiras are musical groups of drums, boxes, and bagpipes, which are widespread in northern Portugal. In Fragoso, this musical practice made history with the group of the "old ones", the name affectionately given by the community to the parish's Zés P'reiras group, active from around 1930 to 1981.
Exposing the universe of sensations and people that make up, enable, and embody the Zés P'reiras only visually is impossible! You must "be together": playing, learning, laughing, drinking, and walking a lot, but always together. Each song played, each memory built and passed on is a knot that binds and solidifies the link with the present and the past, making the existence and longevity of these groups possible, as we could see between Fragoso's Nationals and the "ancients", the Zés P'reiras group that preceded them. 

Technical sheet
This exhibition is part of the return and acknowledgment of academic research in Ethnomusicology, funded by the FCT, whose field of study was the Zés P'reiras Nacionais de Fragoso. It was collaborative research in which the group leader, Agostinho Morgado, Vera Lúcia Félix, the members of the Zés P'reiras Nacionais de Fragoso and the following members of the community took part: Manuel Sá Martins, Rosinda Morgado Neiva, Deolinda Barbosa Oliveira, Humbelina Faria Neiva, Lurdes, Jacinta Macedo Morgado, Maria Martins de Oliveira, Maria Guiomar da Costa Morgado, Francisco Lopes Alves, Isaura Félix de Queiroz (Viana de Sá). This was possible thanks to the support of Mr. José Batista, president of the Fragoso Parish Council
Curator: Lenice de Sousa Leite
Researchers: Lenice de Sousa Leite and Vera Lúcia
Consultancy: Agostinho Morgado
Financial and logistical support: José Batista - president of Fragoso Parish Council