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SPEHCM - Permanent Seminar in Historical and Cultural Studies in Music

The Permanent Seminar of the research group Historical and Cultural Studies in Music of INET-md intends to be a forum where all its members (integrated and collaborators), as well as other invited researchers from the academic, cultural and artistic circles, may present their work and discuss ongoing projects and research.
Organization: Event Date: Title
INET-md 15/06/2023 HCSM Seminar | CD Launch: "Concerti Grossi - António Pereira da Costa".
INET-md 05/06/2023 HCSM Seminar | The Musical Direction of the Royal Chamber of Fernando VII (1814-1833)
INET-md 05/06/2023 HCSM Seminar | Erik Satie and the "Six"
INET-md 16/05/2023 HCSM Seminar | Safeguard, Organization and Dissemination of Musical Heritage
INET-md 27/04/2023 HCSM Seminar | Music Collectors: From the 18th Century Court to the Private Salons of the 20th century