• Batuque
On May 29th, 2024, Universidade Fernando Pessoa (UFP) hosted the event ‘AI and Creativity: Impacts, possibilities and limits’, where topics of great relevance to the future of technology and the arts were discussed. One of the guests at the event was Alfonso Benetti, a researcher of the Institute of Ethnomusicology - Centre for Studies in Music and Dance (INET-md), who gave an in-depth reflection on Artificial Intelligence and Music, the impacts, possibilities and limits.


About the event
Artificial intelligence, especially Generative AI, has been grabbing attention with its latest developments. It has transformed our interaction with computers and digital technologies, leading to automation practices that closely resemble human communication. This shift has also impacted the creation of texts, such as poems, news, advertising, as well as images, music, and video. The rapid content generation based on various formats is already influencing cognitive and artistic activities that were once considered exclusive to humans. While there are numerous possibilities, there are also limitations to this technology. Nevertheless, it is clear that there is a tangible impact, prompting the question: What is the relationship between AI and creativity? Can art exist without human intervention? In this context, how can we acknowledge, regulate, or establish limits on the use and exploration of these tools, which can be utilized as either tools or independent content producers? This forms the basis for discussion at the upcoming event.
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