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The Permanent Seminar of INET-md's Creation, Performance and Artistic Research research group is a forum where all its members (integrated and collaborators), as well as other researchers from the academic, cultural and artistic world, can present their most current work and ongoing research.
15.02.2024 | 4:30pm | CCCI Auditorium - Departamento de Comunicação e Arte da Universidade de Aveiro
Concert - "Sobre pontos, linhas e planos"
Can we think about music based on the forces that attract and stimulate our gaze in graphic-visual experiences? Can we visit a score just as we visit a city? Enter its interior spaces, explore its distances and perspectives, and follow the changes in light and color that fall upon it? The answers to these questions will be found through the creations presented during the concert "on points, lines and planes". The proposal is to use graphic scores associated with structured and free improvisation practices to explore the different spaces and perspectives that music can offer.
The concert's repertoire includes originals and adaptations by Sergio Kafejiana researcher at INET-md, and the performance group of the Specialized Seminar in Creation and Performance, based on graphic scores by A. Logothetis, K. Stockhausen and C. Cardew. Cardew.
Espaço I
Ylem (1972 - K.Stockhausen) adaptation: Seminar performance group
Espaço II
Kulmination (1962 - Anesthis Logothetis)
Treatise. p.131 (1963 to 1967 -Cornelius Cardew
Espaço III
 The concert is free and open to all.