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The Permanent Seminar of INET-md's Creation, Performance and Artistic Research group is a forum where all its members (integrated and collaborators) and other researchers from the academic, cultural, and artistic world can present their most current work and ongoing research..
23.05.2024-24.05.2024 | Departamento de Comunicação e Arte da Universidade de Aveiro
Free access and in-person
Michael Edwards | concert and communication "Ways of Listenig"

The Permanent Seminar of INET-md's Creation, Performance and Artistic Research research group (SemPer) invites composer and researcher Michael Edwards for an autobiographical concert and communication.


23.05.2024 | Concert with performances by Michael Edwards and Henrique Portovedo | 7 pm | DeCA Auditorium

24.05.2024 | Communication by Michael Edwards | 10am | CIME studio
About Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards is a composer, improvisor, software developer, and since 2017 Professor of Electronic Composition at ICEM, Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen, Germany. He studied at Bristol (UK) and Stanford (US) universities, was a computer programmer in Silicon Valley after his studies, and held academic positions at Stanford, the Mozarteum (Salzburg), and the University of Edinburgh. Michael is the programmer of the slippery chicken algorithmic composition package. His compositional interests lie mainly in the development of structures for hybrid electro-instrumental pieces through the integration of algorithmically produced scored materials with similarly generated computer-processed sound.