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The Permanent Seminar of the research group Historical and Cultural Studies in Music of INET-md intends to be a forum where all its members (integrated and collaborators), as well as other invited researchers from the academic, cultural and artistic circles, may present their work and discuss ongoing projects and research.
12-04-2024 | 4.30 pm | DeCA, Universidade de Aveiro | Room 21.2.20
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Musica poetica within the scope of the Portuguese polyphonic repertoire
Vasco Negreiros | INET-md
If, in fact, in the 16th and 17th centuries, the organized and systematic study of Musical Rhetoric took place mainly in Germany – strong related to the Reformation and, mainly, due to the efforts of the Lutheran Church –, we should not devalue the importance of this aspect in other geographic areas and cultural contexts, since the interest in this matter seems to have been much broader. This conference addresses, through contextualization and examples, the way in which, in Portugal, we find a manifestation of this interesse on Rhetoric within the scope of the sacred polyphony of the 17th century. Above all, the aim here is to invigorate the awareness of performers and scholars of the significance os this matter, as a basis for important interpretative decisions on this repertoire.


Vasco Negreiros | Splits his activity between conducting (choir and orchestra), composition, musicology – mainly as editor of Early Music –, and teaching. He completed his Diplom Studies in Conducting (ME) in Karlsruhe (Germany) and his postgraduate degree (Kapellmeister Ausbildung), also in Conducting, at the Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst Mannheim-Heidelberg (Germany) and his PhD, on the music of Frei Manuel Cardoso, under the supervision of Owen Rees (UK), in the Aveiro University, where he teaches Conducting, as well as other subjects.