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The TradiMus 2023 symposium will be held on 20 and 21 October 2023.


The universe of music traditions involves various practices, genres and styles associated with rural and urban contexts that have undergone significant transformations in the last twenty years. These transformations largely result from sociocultural and technological changes, including the impacts of digitalization on music production and the reconfiguration of the recording industry in general. In particular, the impact of the market for so-called “folk music”, “world music” and “old music” is felt in the practices of musicians within this universe, whether through the emergence of new categorizations that merge traditional music from various sources and nationalities and between these and other genres, or by promoting the integration of these musicians in transnational circuits of festivals and music fairs. This universe also includes more and more artists who, whether through the use of traditional instruments or the influence of texts, melodies, rhythms and arrangements, are inspired by these genres and recreate them in original compositions. Many of these musicians increasingly resort to new independent modes of music production, outside the industry, which coexist with more or less institutionalized local practices of state, regional and municipal support, as well as links to academia.


In this meeting we will debate the new practices, contexts and challenges faced by agents who participate in this universe from different perspectives and disciplines.

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