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GIEEMP - Permanent Seminar in Ethnomusicology and Popular Music Studies

Organization: Event Date: Title
INET-md 22/02/2024 Article | Between War, Politics, and 'Something Nice Back Home': Uncovering the First Mozambican Experiences within the World Music Market (1987–1994)
INET-md 22/02/2024 GIEEMP Seminar | "We're not fans just to wave flags": the audience as gatekeeper of the RTP Song Festival
05/02/2024 Article | From “Sin Street” to “Education Street”: Music, Politics and Transgression in Maputo’s Red-Light District, Mozambique (c.1960–86)
29/01/2024 Chapter | Embracing postcolonial diversity? Music selection and affective formation in TAP Air Portugal’s in-flight entertainment system
INET-md 26/01/2024 Book Launch | O Som como Meio de Comunicação nas Exposições em Museus
INET-md 26/01/2024 Article | Das recolhas ao álbum como “cartão de visita”: estratégias e reinvenções na pequena edição de música popular de matriz rural em Portugal no século XXI
INET-md 22/01/2024 GIEEMP Seminar | The music ecosystem versus the music doughnut: a comparison of two concepts for envisioning the future of music during the climate crisis
INET-md 16/01/2024 GIEEMP Seminar | Creative Industries in the 21st century
INET-md 13/12/2023 GIEEMP Seminar | The resonances of the Other: Social interactions during musical education in disadvantaged contexts from Latin America and Europe
INET-md 30/11/2023 GIEEMP Seminar | Africanness in Action: Essentialism and Musical Imaginations in Brazil
INET-md 29/10/2023 GIEEMP Seminar | Songbooks in Goa: Cultural representations from colonial to digital
INET-md 04/10/2023 GIEEMP Seminar | Expressive culture on the Portuguese-Spanish border: sociocultural transformation processes, musical agents, and practices of identity construction