• Dança 3
Two mondays a month | 21:00 [CET] | online
This will be a program in which, for about 20 minutes, we will be able to get to know the most creative and unknown facet of many performers. We will find out what their research topic is, their new CD or the most recent concert repertoire, their future projects and their way of proceeding, but, above all, we are interested in knowing the creative process, what is behind everything. Our aim is to offer classical music performers the opportunity to make their artistic projects known, as well as explain their motivations in the course of their work, their concerns and everything that allows to know them better in a relaxed atmosphere. We will discover, narrated in the first person by its protagonists, the making off of the interpretations that we hear on stage and on the recordings, in a relaxed conversation moderated by Maria Carmen Fuentes and Laia Martín. We want to create a space to get closer to the performer, while looking for new paradigms in the way we make and understand music, which allow us to broaden our horizons and encourage us to continue creating. Take for example the proposals arising from the performative artistic research, that allow us to find other ways out of individual standards until now almost imposed by the musical tradition. For this, we need to get acquainted with the theory. Every theory, to be relevant, must take a practical form, and practice, in turn, must generate new knowledge. Interviews will be held in the YouTube live with the possibility of asking questions at the end, submitted via chat.