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09.06.2023 | 10:00 |
The 4th Dances with Tradition Encounter: from the Yard to the Stage will be held on the 9th of June, in the context of the Portuguese, International, American Tap Dances and Sevillanas, of the dance course of the Faculty of Human Motricity, University of Lisbon.

Two moments are planned, open to the active participation of the educational, cultural and ethno-artistic community.
10h-11h30 - Round table (online) "The field work in choreographic creation", free access through zoom or facebook: https://fb.me/e/x8bzE9vK.
The 4th Meeting aims to be a moment of connection to and with the community, creating a space, the ZOOM tertulia, to debate "Field Work in Choreographic Creation" with different audiences: children, young people, adults and seniors, as well as giving visibility to dance works that integrate, to a greater or lesser extent, dances with national or international tradition.
21h - Performance Co(m)Tradition, free, access subject to capacity. Tickets will be available from 8pm onwards, in the auditorium. Venue: Ruy de Carvalho Auditorium, Carnaxide.
The show Co(m)Tradition closes the 4th EDcT and features guest groups working in a community context on dance traditions, as well as works of traditional dances - Portuguese, international Sevillanas and American tap, elaborated by the students of the 1st year of the dance degree of the FMH.
Coordination and production: Margarida Moura, Maria João Alves, Michele Leitão, Patrícia Esteves and Rita Rato.