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Organization: Event Date: Title
INET-md 11/03/2024 LA:b Workshop | Rhythm and Body with Michael Siefke
10/11/2023 Events | Workshop and Seminar on music and academic writing
INET-md 17/10/2023 LA:b Workshop | A phenomenological approach to musicians body self-awareness
INET-md 19/06/2023 Workshop | Inclusive Music Education: technologies for access to music learning
INET-md 28/02/2023 Workshop | Lisbon's Fado
INET-md 06/03/2021 Workshop | PureData + Loop Station
INET-md 19/02/2020 Workshop | Urban Sound Mapping Practices. Analysing the city through cartographic listening
INET-md 19/02/2020 Workshop | Performative Reverberations in Portuguese-Brazilian Contemporary Dance - Lygia Clark and Helena Almeida
INET-md 06/02/2020 Workshop | How to Stay Alive?
INET-md 09/12/2019 Workshop | Body and Ritual
INET-md 27/11/2019 Workshop | Xperimus Open Lab workshop on improvisation
INET-md 18/11/2019 Workshop | Loose Thud Maracatu "Leão de Ouro"
INET-md 15/11/2019 Workshop | Spanish Baroque Dance Course and Castanets
INET-md 25/11/2019 Workshop | MEYES: Audio Storytelling Practices
INET-md 08/10/2019 Workshop | Audio Storytelling Practices. Recording, Preserving and Composing Stories
INET-md 06/06/2019 Workshop - MUSIC CRITICISM
INET-md 06/06/2019 International Workshop - Performing “New” Music: Ethnographies of Musical Creativities
INET-md 01/03/2019 Workshop | Musicoterapia e Necessidades Educativas Especiais
INET-md 25/10/2018 Knowing what difference we are making: practical approaches to assessment in dance movement therapy (DMT)
INET-md 19/10/2018 Curso "Dança, Movimento e Terapia"
INET-md 08/05/2018 Oficinas de Música | Chinese Musical Instruments
INET-md 07/05/2018 Red Chamber Ensemble
INET-md 18/05/2018 Workshop "VJESH/SINGING"
INET-md 25/05/2018 Oficina Intensiva de Etnografia Audiovisual
INET-md 30/04/2018 Zofia Neugebauer - Oficina para Flautistas
INET-md 15/12/2017 Workshop "Ethnographies of Musical Creativities"
INET-md 14/11/2017 Workshop EAW'17 | "Audio Post-Production for Cinema"
INET-md 15/11/2017 Workshop EAW'17 | "Observation of the Environment and Construction of the Landscape"
INET-md 08/06/2017 Workshop "Filming as Musical Heritage"
INET-md 13/11/2017 Workshop EAW'17 | "Sound Particles: Presentation and Experimentation by the Author of the Software"
INET-md 13/11/2017 Workshop EAW'17 | "Sing and Speak 4 Kids"
INET-md 13/11/2017 Workshop EAW'17 | "MUSIDESIGN: Patterns in live performance"
INET-md 16/11/2017 Workshop EAW'17 | "The Bucket System – a Computer Mediated Improvisation System"
INET-md 14/06/2016 Workshop "Descrever a experiência corportal pelas técnicas de elicitação - Ferramenta para investigação, transmissão e criação"
INET-md 13/03/2015 Workshop “Music and Television”
INET-md 16/06/2014 Workshop "Documentary Film"
INET-md 06/03/2009 Workshop “A Indústria da Música em Portugal"