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Conference Cycle
Researchers in Residence
Between 16th and 20th March, 2016 | Teatro Nacional São Luíz
Researchers in Residence is brought together by the collaboration between the Institute of Ethnomusicology (INET-md)/Faculty of Social and Human Sciences/New University of Lisbon, Lusíada University of Lisbon and the Association Lusophone Sounds/Festa do Jazz.
The project aims to create awareness of the need for building cooperation between those who make, promote, teach, research and study jazz, and is intended to promote ways to contextualize and develop collaborative work.
In recent years, jazz in Portugal has experienced an exponential growth and internationalisation in the fields of education, production, promotion and research. However, this development has not been conducted under common strategies or sustained in the work produced by academic research and knowledge exchange from daily practices on the ground.

Researchers in Residence is a series of three sessions designed for sharing knowledge and ideas for a more sustained growth of jazz in Portugal and within the European context: promotion and networking; jazz and identities; and jazz education.
These topics will be addressed mainly at the national level, with parallel references to the various European realities. Each panel will feature a set of researchers and promoters as moderators who have developed work in these different areas at the national and international levels. These sessions are aimed for all the stakeholders and counts on their inputs. The participation of musicians, promoters, journalists, teachers and students will be essential.