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CD Launch | "Músicos Ocultos": ao Quinteto Nacional de Sopro
October 5, 2022 | 17:30 | Museu do Papel Terras de Santa Maria
The Quinteto de Sopros do Vale has been disseminating a set of repertoire of Portuguese composers connected to the Quinteto Nacional de Sopro, a group from Emissora Nacional, which developed its activity between 1950 and 1986.

This dissemination has happened in the context of a partnership between the group and the research developed by doctoral student Ana Margarida Cardoso, whose doctoral thesis has as its theme the social and professional status of musicians during the Estado Novo.

After several concerts, the Quinteto de Sopros do Vale decided to record a CD, entirely composed of some unpublished works written for wind quintet, by Portuguese composers. Some of them were written by members of the National Wind Quintet such as Ângelo Pestana, Adácio Pestana or José dos Santos Pinto, and others by Marcos Romão or Filipe de Sousa, who were not part of the group but dedicated their works to it.

The CD was entitled "Músicos Ocultos: Ao Quinteto Nacional de Sopro" (Hidden Musicians: To the National Wind Quintet), was produced by Grafonola Publishing Company, and came about in the wake of the recording of works by "Músicos Ocultos", which the project "A Nossa Música, o nosso mundo: bandas filarmónicas, associações musicais e comunidades locais" carried out.

The launch of this CD will take place on October 5th at 5:30pm at the Paper Museum in Paços de Brandão and is part of the International Music Festival of this town (FIMUV). This event will consist of a tertulia-concert, where we will hear excerpts of the works recorded by the Quinteto de Sopros do Vale, but also discuss the theme of being a musician in the twentieth century, with the collaboration of guests António Vitorino de Almeida (pianist, conductor and composer, António Costa (professional horn player), Francisco Luís Vieira (professional oboist) and also the family of the composers and other present.