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On the 15th of January 2024, the meeting "Precarious FCSH: Science on a deadline?" will be held, co-organized by INET-md in partnership with other research units at NOVA FCSH, namely: 


The meeting aims to discuss precariousness in Science and the urgent need for researchers to be permanently integrated into their careers.

A film will be shown, followed by a discussion of the results of the survey carried out at the FCSH in 2023. Finally, there will be a debate on the underfunding of the national scientific system.

The first debate, with Maria de Lurdes Rosa (IEM) as chair, will feature:
  • Luís Baptista, Head of NOVA FCSH;
  • Isabel Rocha, Vice-Rector for Research, Innovation and Value Creation at the NOVA University of Lisbon;
  • Cristina Brito, Deputy Director for Research at NOVA FCSH (to be confirmed);
  • Paulo Pereira, Coordinating Researcher of NOVA Medical School and a member of the General Council of NOVA University of Lisbon;
  • José Neves, as a delegate of the Teacher's Union in Greater Lisbon;
  • Manuel Deniz Silva (INET-md) and João Luís Lisboa (CHAM), representing the Boards of Director of the Research Units based at NOVA FCSH;
  • Olga Cunha, Psychologist at NOVA FCSH;
  • Ricardo Noronha, representing the NOVA FCSH Group for Scholarship Holders, Researchers and Science Managers.

In the debate about underfunding and scientific employment, with Maria de Lurdes Rodrigues (ISCTE-IUL) as chair, take part:
  • Luísa Cerdeira, IE-UL;
  • Nuno Peixinho, UC and member of the main board at FENPROF;
  • José António Moreira, UA and SNESUP's president;
  • Sofia Lisboa, NOVA FCSH, representating ABIC;
  • Eduardo Ascenção, INGOT-UL, from the Network of Researchers Against Scientific Precarity.

Admission to the event is free.
15.01.2024 | 2 PM-6 PM | Campus de Campolide, NOVA FCSH, Lisbon | Room A13 | Full Programme