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The Centre for Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (CLLC) of the Departamento de Línguas e Culturas, in partnership with the Institute of Ethnomusicology - Centre for Studies in Music and Dance (INET-md), with the collaboration of the Departamento de Comunicação e Arte (DeCA) of the Universidade de Averio (UA), is promoting the initiative "Vamos Falara de Voz", on 16th April 2024, to mark World Voice Day, which is celebrated on that very day. The event will feature talks on different aspects of the voice, including its essential use in the classroom, singing, and radio announcing.
In music or voice-over work, the voice is the working tool in many other professions. It plays a fundamental role in our daily lives. World Voice Day, celebrated annually on 16th April, highlights the importance of vocal health and raises awareness of the care needed to preserve this precious instrument.
The event, organized by Ana Nunes, Assistant Researcher at the CLLC, and Sofia Serra, Principal Researcher at INET-md, has a diverse programme that addresses various uses and facets of the voice. Participants will have the unique opportunity to learn from nationally and internationally renowned experts, in an event that aims to raise awareness about the importance of the voice, the harmful attitudes we exert on it daily, and the care we should take. It is essential to be aware of any vocal symptoms or alterations.


11h00am - 11h50am | Clasroom voice. Invited speaker Carlos Nicolau Antunes, Departamento de Artes Cénicas, Universidade de Évora; GEDH/LAMCI-CESEM, Universidade Nova de Lisboa;
12h00pm - 12h50pm | "Voz Cantada". Oradora: Sofia Serra, Departamento de Comunicação e Arte da Universidade de Aveiro, INET-md;
2h30pm – 3h30pm | Sharing experience: Voice problems and radio announcing. Invited speaker: Alexandre Afonso (Antena 1).
Location:  Anfiteatro Aldónio Gomes no Departamento de Línguas e Culturas (2.1.10).
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Sofia SerraSofia Serra holds a PhD in Psychology and Music Education from the University of Sheffield (UK) where she also completed a Masters in Psychology of Music. She has a master's degree from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, in London, and a degree in Singing from Escola Superior de Música e das Artes do Espetáculo (ESMAE), in Porto. She is a Principal Researcher at Instituto de Etnomusicologia – Centro de Estudos em Música e Dança (INET-MD) in the areas of Performance and Psychology of Music, with projects on voice, performance anxiety and music education, with publications in these areas. She collaborates with the Center for Research in Science and Technology of the Arts (CITAR). She leads the MUS-A Project, Anxiety in the Musical Performance of Adolescents, funded by FCT between 2023 and 2026. She coordinated the Masters in Music Education and the Post-Graduation in Sacred Music and Advanced Training and taught at the School of Arts of the Catholic University of Portugal (Porto) between 2002 and 2023. She collaborates regularly with the University of São José (Macau) and taught at ESML (Lisbon). Her performing career includes opera, oratorio, and solo recitals, including for the BBC Proms Festival broadcast on BBC Radio 3. She won 2nd prize at the Tracy Chadwell Competition (London) and 2nd Young Entrepreneurs XXI Prize with the cultural project Opera.
Alexandre Afonso | Journalist and football commentator. At the age of 16, he started working at Rádio Portalegre, later moving to Rádio Nova Antena. One day, while covering the Tour of Portugal by Bicycle, he was invited to join Antena 1. It was at Antena 1 that he became internationally recognized and started covering Portuguese national team games. Alongside his colleague Nuno Matos, Alexandre Afonso received the award from the Sports Journalists Association for the coverage of Euro 2016. He was the sports coordinator at Rádio Antena 1 and in 2020, he moved to Canal 11 where he hosts and participates in various programs on the channel of the Portuguese Football Federation. He can also be found on the Dazn Eleven channel narrating international games.
Carlos Nicolau Antunes | Carlos Nicolau Antunes holds a master's degree in Stage Directing from Middlesex University (London) and in Advanced Qualification Studies from GITIS (Russian Academy of Theatre Arts, Moscow). For four years, he taught in the undergraduate and master's programs at the Department of Theater at the University of Évora, as well as at the University Institute of Psychological, Social and Life Sciences (ISPA-IU) and at the Lisbon School of Education. He has occasionally collaborated with the University of Minho, Nova University of Lisbon, University of Macau, University of Campinas (Unicamp) in Brazil, and Srinakarinwirot University, Bangkok, Thailand. He has acted in seven productions at the Cornucópia Theater and has worked as Assistant Director to Luís Miguel Cintra, António Pires, and Fernanda Lapa. Currently, he teaches at the Professional Theater School of Cascais and Inimpetus – School of Actors. His research focuses on the psychophysical processes of the actor.