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INET-md and VIC Aveiro Arts House are organizing the "Traces of Listening: Field Listening & Recording" workshop with Jez Riley French. The event takes place on 20th and 21st April 2024 at the VIC Aveiro Arts House. The organizers are offering six free tickets, in order of registration, to members of INET-md and students from the Department of Communication and Art at the University of Aveiro (DeCA), simply by sending an email to inet-comunicacao[@]ua.pt. 
In this practical workshop led by Jez Riley French, localized sound, field recordings, and listening emerge as crucial elements in sound culture, acoustic ecology, and contemporary artistic practice. Through discussions, practical exercises, and field sessions, participants will be invited to explore the role of these elements, considering space and time as material for performance and installation, in the context of sound art and the sound heritage of the Aveiro region. Intentional listening and intuitive performance techniques will also be covered, as well as acoustic exploration using different types of sound capture devices.

The workshop will cover concepts and aspects such as the phenomenology of auditory filters, situational acoustics, and its effects on sensory connectivity or audible silence. Jez Riley French will provide an inclusive approach for artists and enthusiasts at different stages of sound exploration and field recording through a combination of theory, field practice, and listening sessions.
Participants will also be invited to join the British artist in the field recording sessions that will take place on the three days following the workshop, namely 22, 23, and 24 April. A selection of the field recordings resulting from the workshop and subsequent sessions will be used as raw material for the composition of eight sound pieces by national and international artists, which will make up the volume "From Chronos to Kairos", to be published on vinyl and digital following the sound art collection "New Chronologies of Sound", which featured artists such as Matthew Herbert, AGF, Kyoka and Lawrence English.
About Jez Riley French 
With over 20 years of experience, Jez Riley French's work covers micro-listening, durational listening, and acoustic capture in architectural, plant, aquatic, and infrasound contexts, which he sees as fundamental elements of his contemporary art practices. Having exhibited her work in numerous internationally renowned institutions, such as the Tate Modern or the Museo Reina Sofia, Jez has collaborated with a wide selection of artists, musicians, and filmmakers, including Chris Watson, with whom she has developed a series of workshops and initiatives in the field of intentional listening and field recordings
Alongside the performances, exhibitions, and installations he develops around intuitive composition, field recordings,  improvisation, and photography, Jez Riley French has been presenting lectures and workshops around the world on sound culture, where he reflects on the act and art of listening, and field recordings, as well as their roles in contemporary exploratory sound arts. Widely recognized for designing and building specialized microphones and hydrophones, which are widely used by artists around the world in various areas of sound culture, his contributions to correcting historical and contemporary prejudices in the arts are also globally regarded, with his role in expanding extended field recording techniques and modes of listening in the sound arts standing out.