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Colloquia INET-md | CESEM | Music in Context

Baile y música en la corte de Carlos III: el espectáculo hípico de "Las Parejas"


Judith Ortega Rodríguez (Universidad Complutense de Madrid­ICCMU)
May 9th, 2018 | 18:00 | FCSH - NOVA | ID Building | 4th floor | Multiuse Room 3

Between 1770 and 1788, the court of Madrid held equestrian dances known as "Las Parejas Reales". These shows were promoted by the prince of Asturias, future Charles IV, for the amusement of the royal family and the nobility. As can be seen in the magnificent painting by Luis Paret, where this spectacle is reproduced, these dances took place during summer in the palace of Aranjuez, in the square known as "Plaza de Parejas".
In this talk, different elements related to this game will be addressed taking into account some chronicles of the time, representative images and, especially, the music. It is possible to relate directly these dances to several Marchs and Gallops by Gaetano Brunetti, chamber composer for Charles IV from 1770 till his death in 1798 and one of the most important musicians of the Classicism in Spain.