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INET-md and the Center for Research in Digital Media and Interaction (DigiMedia), as partners in the DigiMusi project, are organizing the teacher training course "Digital literacy for music teaching". This activity, exclusively distance and online, will occur between February 20 and 27, 2024.

DigiMusi (Digital Transformation in Elementary Music Education) is a small-scale partnership funded by the ERASMUS+ program, aiming to create strategies to address the digital transition in music teaching and learning. The consortium is formed in Portugal by the University of Aveiro and the Conservatory of Music and Arts of the Center, and in Spain by the Escuela de Música Ad Libitum and the Escuela municipal de música Diego-Ortiz, which is the project coordinator.
This online training aims to promote digital literacy among music teachers, presenting digital resources, strategies and tools. With modules ranging from an introduction to the main terms and concepts, through digital music notation and the use of apps with digital metronomes and tuners, to the inclusion of students with special educational needs. At the heart of the training is the development of an educational culture that values digital skills, promoting pedagogical practices that enrich the student's learning experience in both face-to-face and virtual, synchronous and asynchronous environments, culminating in a reflection on the impact of these technologies on music education.

The program consists of 7 modules that will be delivered through the DigiMusi Virtual Academy, created as part of this project. Two synchronous meetings are planned, an introductory one on February 20, 2024, at 19:00 and another, more of a final discussion, on February 27, also at 19:00. Both sessions will be recorded and can be accessed asynchronously in the virtual academy. 

Registration is free but compulsory and must be completed by February 19 using the online form.
Further information will be made available via the social networks Facebook and Instagram and the Digimusi website.