• Dança 6
On the upcoming 18th of July, 2024, as part of the Research Summit of the Universidade de Aveiro, the book/CD "Sonoro Mar - Phonographic Dialogues between Brazil and Portugal" will be launched. This release is the result of the INET-md research project, Liber|Sound: Innovative Archiving Practices for the Liberation of Sound Memory. The event will take place at 21:30 in the Renato Araújo Auditorium, located in the Rectorate building of the University.
"Sonoro Mar" one of the artistic and scientific results of the research project Liber|Sound: Innovative Archiving Practices for the Liberation of Sound Memory,  developed by INET-md and the Universidade de Aveiro and funded by the FCT. Focused on the study of sound transits between Lusophone countries and territories (Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, and Goa/India), using collections of 78 rpm records from the project’s partner archives, Liber|Sound seeks to understand the role of phonographic industries in the construction of imaginations and sound bridges in Lusophone contexts. The project is coordinated by Professor Pedro Aragão (UNIRIO) and Professor Susana Sardo (University of Aveiro) and includes a large team distributed across the 4 territories of the project's analysis.
Recorded at Rangel Studio (Porto), with mixing and mastering by Carlos Fuchs (Arda Studio), "Sonoro Mar" will be released by Tradisom, founded by José Moças, one of the biggest collectors of 78 rpm records in Portugal, whose collection was the basis for the research that led to the recreation of the recorded repertoire. The LP also features arrangements by two important Brazilian conductors: Jayme Vignoli and Marcilio Lopes, who sought to create contemporary reinterpretations of this important repertoire that represents a shared musical heritage between Portugal and Brazil.
The record – in LP format – marks the recording debut of Clube do Choro – Porto, exploring musical genres born from the Atlantic influence, such as fados, maxixes, marrabentas, and choros, in a revival of the partially forgotten repertoire between the two sides of the ocean. With the participation of Portuguese singer Patrícia Lestre, the group recreates repertoires originally recorded by the Brazilian and Portuguese phonographic industries of the first half of the 20th century, with special emphasis on musical genres and artists who repeatedly crossed the Atlantic, including Chiquinha Gonzaga, Geraldo Magalhães, Nina Rodrigues, and Carlos Calderón. The LP "Sonoro Mar" is supported by DGArtes.