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INET-md's VI Forum | 2030: Challenges and Possibilities
The INET-md Forum "2030: Challenges and Possibilities" will be held on November 18 at the Department of Communication and Art (DeCA) of the University of Aveiro. The event will start at 09:20am and end at 06:00pm.
The event's program includes various moments of discussion and reflection on current and future challenges in music and sound research. It includes a lecture by Professor Urmimala Sarkar, from the University of Delhi, who is also a member of INET-md's external monitoring committee. Her presentation will be a privileged opportunity to learn about international perspectives on the challenges and emerging trends in music and sound technology research.
In the afternoon, the first panel will be organized by Ana Flávia Miguel, Clarissa Foletto, and Sofia Serra. This panel will cover topics such as epistemologies and emerging research methodologies, ethics and inclusion, and the evaluation of arts research. The panel will include Ana Paula Coutinho (FLUP-ILC), Daniel Tércio, Edward Abreu, Graça Mota, and Jorge Salgado Correia, and will be moderated by Ana Flávia Miguel.
This will be followed by the second panel, organized by Alfonso Benetti and Ana Luísa Veloso. This panel will cover topics such as artificial intelligence, data and creativity, the digital transition and the music industries, and funding for music research. The panel will include Miguel Carvalhais (FBAUP-i2ADS), Guillermo de Llera Blanes, Henrique Portovedo, and Susana Sardo, and will be moderated by Ana Luísa Veloso.
This forum promises to be an enriching moment of knowledge sharing and reflection on the challenges and perspectives of research in music and sound technologies. Participation is open to all INET-md members.