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 Conferências em Etnomusicologia e Estudos de Música Popular
Addressing Human Rights Deficits of Urban Poverty through Music
May 18th, 2018 | 14h30 | Anfiteatro João Branco | DeCA | Universidade de Aveiro
This talk reports on results of a longitudinal applied ethnomusicology research project on how human rights deficits of urban poverty can be addressed through music. What are policies involving human rights deficits of poverty and engaged via music-making? Why can it be important to engage human rights via applied music projects in poverty contexts? The talk focuses on popular music projects for people living in poverty, 2000-present, in Canada's poorest urban neighbourhood, Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Special attention is given to human rights issues of education, women and health.
Klisala Harrison is the Academy of Finland Research Scholar in Ethnomusicology at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Her areas of research interest are music and poverty relationships; music and human rights; applied ethnomusicology research, theory and method; everyday popular music practices; Indigenous musics of Canada and the Arctic (Greenland, the Nordic countries); and music, health and well-being relationships.