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Chinese Music and Musical Instruments - 2nd Lisbon Conference
May 8th and 9th, 2017  | Centro Científico e Cultural de Macau

A tribute to Sheng and Guqin



The topics addressed in this second Lisbon Conference include the history of the Sheng and Guqin, two iconic Chinese instruments; musical notation in ancient China; Shamanism; Taoism; record production during the Cultural Revolution; cultural infrastructures in Macau in the 1980s and 90s; the teaching and performance of Chinese music in Macau; intangible cultural heritage in the People's Republic of China and Chinese music and globalization.

All interested parties may attend by pre-registering for the conference. The following internationally acclaimed ethnomusicologists and researchers are among the conference participants: Andreas Steen (Denmark), François Picard (France), Frank Kouwenhoven (Netherlands), Frederick Lau (Hawaii), Helen Rees (USA), Leung Hio Ming (Macau, RAEM, People's Republic of China), Stephen Jones (United Kingdom), Xiao Mei (People's Republic of China). Participants from Portugal include the researcher Shao Ling and doctoral students Enio de Souza and Leonor Dias Azedo.

A number of events will be running in parallel to the conference: a Sheng and Guqin recital by two musicians from Shanghai Conservatory, Chen Jiannan and Lu Xiaozi; showing of the film Li Manshan: Portrait of a Folk Daoist (80 mins.) by Stephen Jones, and a display of a sample of Sizhu 丝竹, Silk and Bamboo: Chinese Musical Instruments watercolors by Mariot Leitão.

The conference is organized jointly by the Macau Scientific and Cultural Center (MCTES), the Ethnomusicology Institute: Music and Dance, of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and the Confucius Institute/Universidade de Lisboa.  Scientific support is provided by CHIME: European Foundation for Chinese Music Research.

This initiative also has the support of the National Music Museum, the Institute of Traditional Medicine and, as the main sponsor, the Jorge Álvares Foundation.