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Research Seminar
Edición crítica de música: estrategias para la recuperación del patrimonio musical histórico del Instituto Complutense de Ciencias Musicales (ICCMU)
Judith Ortega Rodrigues (Universidad Complutense de Madrid - ICCMU)
May 11th, 2018 | 10h00 | FCSH-NOVA | ID Building | Room 0.07

The Instituto Complutense de Ciencias Musicales (ICCMU), founded in 1989, is a research centre affiliated to the Universidad Complutense (Madrid). The institute has as one of its main goals the research and revival of historical musical and, as a consequence, one of its chief activities is the publication of critical editions of music. The ICCMU has published around 200 volumes devoted to historical music for its collection Música Hispana (Hispanic Music), consisting of four series: Musica Lírica (scores for orchestra); Canto y piano (vocal and piano scores of works with orchestra); Música Instrumental (symphonic, vocal and chamber music); and Antologías, which include different formats (vocal music of small format –songs–; instrumental music for piano or guitar), as well as the complete works of important composers.
These editions allowed access to an important corpus of music, which remained unpublished till then, and, therefore, highly contributed to the knowledge of historical Spanish music. Furthermore, these publications are of crucial importance to fulfil the needs of concert halls and to expand concert programming, mainly in the fields of opera and zarzuela, but also, chamber, instrumental and vocal music.