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Cycle of Discussions
Ser Músico em Portugal
07 and 15.10.2022 / 05.11.2022 | Museu da Música Portuguesa / Casa Verdades Faria
The research project PROFMUS - To be a musician in Portugal: the social and professional condition of musicians in Lisbon (1750-1985) presents the series of round tables entitled "SER MÚSICO EM PORTUGAL", that will take place between October and November 2022 at the Museu da Música Portuguesa - Casa Verdades de Faria (Monte Estoril).
With the participation of several relevant personalities in the different aspects associated to each session subject, this cycle seeks to bring to discussion some issues related to the material and immaterial heritage of professional musicians and their organisations, both from an historical perspective and by debating the present and the future of musicians' activity in Portugal - from corporative organisation to music training and education, through musicians' expectations and challenges, until scientific research around this vast domain.