• KovaM

16-18.09.2021 | Porto | ESE-IPP

IC CIPEM 2021 on the theme ‘Perspectives in Psychology of Music and Music Education’ aims to bring together researchers, teachers, musicians, and psychologists involved in musical education, performance, and composition, to discuss current topics in music education and psychology and to reflect on the roles of music in peoples’ lives in contemporary societies.

Functions and Roles of music in peoples' lives
Music Listening and Responses to music
Music Perception and Cognition
Neurosciences of Music
Musical Performance, Improvisation, and Composition
Musical Development and Learning
Music Education and Children's Development
Music, Emotions, and Well-being
Social Psychology of Music
Cross-cultural Psychology of Music

Organizing Committee
Graça Boal-Palheiros (Chair)
Adelina Correia
Ana Luísa Veloso
Aoife Hiney
Daniela Coimbra
Filipe Lopes