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International Conference
Jazz Talks: 1st International Jazz Conference of the University of Aveiro
November 8th and 9th, 2013 | Universidade de Aveiro
The University of Aveiro, through its Centre for Jazz Studies (CEJ-UA) and in cooperation with INET-md (Instituto de Etnomusicologia – Centro de Estudos em Music e Dança) will be hosting, between 8th and 9th of November 2013, JAZZ TALKS: 1st University of Aveiro International Jazz Conference, on the topic “Jazz Messengers: The Role of Jazz Promoters in Europe”. This event is part of a research project entitled Jazz Messengers: The Role of Jazz Promoters in Portugal in the 20th Century, presently in progress at the University of Aveiro. The keynote speaker will be Professor George McKay (University of Salford).

Within the context of the reception of jazz music around the time of World War I, and then throughout the whole twentieth-century, jazz promoters have proved particularly relevant, taking steps towards the promotion and dissemination of the new American music throughout the European continent. Making use of the mass media that were available at the time (periodic press, radio, television, cinema and internet), as well as through associative and expository activities (jazz festivals, conferences, phonographic sessions), these individuals have undertaken countless actions, frequently challenging adverse moral standards and political ideologies, and even facing explicit oppression. In some cases their legacy is still visible today, in the institutions, written works or radio shows that they have produced or founded. Studying the role of jazz promoters allows us to make justice to their actions and better understand the presence of jazz in Europe up until today.