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The Permanent Seminar of the research group Historical and Cultural Studies in Music of INET-md intends to be a forum where all its members (integrated and collaborators), as well as other invited researchers from the academic, cultural and artistic circles, may present their work and discuss ongoing projects and research.
22-01-2024 | 6 pm | Colégio Almada Negreiros, NOVA FCSH | Room 209 - Floor 2
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The Bohem flute in Portugal and Brazil in the 19th century

Maurício Freire Garcia | Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais


The adoption of the Boehm flute in Portugal and Brazil has important similarities and differences. The new flute seems to have gained followers more quickly on the west side of the Atlantic, while the adoption of the system in conservatories in both countries seems to have happened at similar times. The coexistence of the simple system flute with the Boehm flute is also an important feature of the period in both countries. These observations can be corroborated by evidence in three distinct fields: commerce, performance, and pedagogy. The present investigation found an active and productive flutistic environment on both sides of the ocean. This fact contradicts the statement of North American researcher, Nancy Toff, for whom “The 19th century was a period of depression for the flute repertoire”.



Mauricio Freire Garcia | Full Professor at the School of Music at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. Graduated from the same institution in 1987, he is the only flutist to receive a doctorate degree, with honors, from the New England Conservatory, USA. His research interests encompass the history and pedagogy of the flute, spectral analysis and performance analysis. He has worked with important conductors and composers such as Kurt Mazur, Kristoff Penderecki, Eiji Owe, Sofia Gubaidulina and Thea Musgrave. He was a member of Boston MusicaViva, one of the leading contemporary music groups in the US. Among his teachers, James Galway, Paula Robison, Fenwick Smith and Expedito Vianna stand out. He is currently a visiting researcher at INET-md, NOVA FCSH.