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On April 5th, Labeamus - the Music Teaching and Learning Laboratory at the University of Aveiro's INET-md will hold two workshops on Rhythm and the Body. The first will take place from 11:30am to 1pm and will be dedicated to TaKeTiNa - What is rhythm? The body is a learning path. The second, from 3pm to 5pm, will be on Body Percussion - The artistic and pedagogical world of sounds. Registration is free but compulsory. 
Micahel Siefke brings the Aveiro and UA communities the chance to experience two ways of learning and realizing music through the body. And thus to confront and reflect, as a musician, teacher, or student, on what rhythm is and what it "teaches" about learning, making and imagining music.
The workshops will take place in the Department of Education and Psychology (DEP) drama room and will be led by Michael Siefke. Those interested should register by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
About the TaKeTiNa workshop
Developed by Reinhard Flatischler (Austria, 1950), TaKeTiNa is a method of learning rhythm based on the idea that the body is itself an instrument. Using footsteps, clapping, and voice, the participants, in groups, are invited to move through three different rhythmic layers, experiencing, through the construction of "elementary" rhythmic blocks, the kinaesthetic, mental, and emotional significance of the percussive experience. The bodily and intuitive experience of these rhythmic archetypes in turn forms the basis for the use of instruments, songs, dance, etc. In TaKeTiNa everyone learns at their own pace, but everyone is continually incorporated into the social process of development. Beginners and experienced musicians can learn in the same circle.
About the Body Percussion workshop

The workshop will present different techniques and styles of body percussion, short performance pieces, and improvisation games, with a view to the realization and experience, in a group context, of experiences of expression and musical creation through the body. The aim is also to demonstrate how it is possible to work not only with all age groups but also with groups of three to several hundred people!

Michael Siefke | Musician and pedagogue, specialized in drums and percussion, with training in classical percussion, elementary music education, and ethnic percussion. He has experience in TaKeTiNa, humanistic psychotherapy, and Drumcircle, as well as being a ReHoRuLi juggling trainer. He is currently a teacher at the Calw Music School in Germany and a freelance musician. With an international career, he has worked in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, the USA, China, and Australia.