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The Video Laboratory NOVA| FCSH was created within the FCT Re-Equipment Project´s framework (REEQ / 1035 / EAT / 2005), and was inaugurated in 2007.

Its goal is to support research and teaching activities, as well as to provide external services to partners who reach to INET-md for its technical and scientific capabilities.

The Video Laboratory is a fundamental element in the training of student researchers in the disciplines taught in the undergraduate, masters and doctorates degrees of the Department of Musical Sciences of the NOVA University, providing them with the necessary skills to the audiovisual transcription recorded natively in any medium.

It provides the conditions for the transcription, storage and analysis of the materials recorded with the equipment provided by INET-md to its researchers during the course of their field work.


It also works as a workstation directly associated with the Research Groups and associated INET-md projects, also allowing the creation of multimedia contents for the INETBase - INET-md Data Bank, as well as all the its sub-Databases, therefore assuring the open source obligations that imply sharing these materials with the society.

The Video Laboratory is equipped with machines from several periods of sound recording of the XX and XXI century, which include magnetic digital and analogue motion picture media, such as:

  • Hi8

  • Video8

  • VHS

  • BetaCam

  • Mini DV

All the equipment is adapted to the contemporary requirements and to the best practices of audiovisual archiving.