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On May 21st INET-md researcher, Ricardo Andrade, will present the special printed number of Cadernos do Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa that he coordinated with Paula Godinho (IHC, NOVA FCSH):
In a time when there will be multiple proposals for perspectives on the fiftieth anniversary of the April 25th, 1974, a revolution marked by a euphoria that exceeded the day before and surprised on the following day, in an unlocking of the future, we suggest a look at the threshold of various disciplines in this cross-cutting issue of the Cadernos do Arquivo Municipal, between the social and human sciences, the arts, and other forms of intervention in reality.
21-05-2024 | 6 p.m. | Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa / Fotográfico | Rua da Palma, n. 246, 1100-394 Lisboa 
The launching session will be hosted by both coordinators, featuring a presentation by Fernando Oliveira Baptista (ISA-UL).