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The 78 de rotações Concert Cycle is back for another weekend of music. The Laboratory Of Artistic Creation will host Joana Amendoeira and the band Terno Carioca for two concerts, one on March 31st and another on April 1st. The concert will focus on recovering the memory and artistic heritage of one of the most important Portuguese singers to establish a solid career in Brazil, Ester de Abreu. Pedro Aragão, a member of the Institute of Ethnomusicology (INET-md), will be in charge of the musical direction of the concert.

Ester de Abreu (Lisbon, 1921 - Rio de Janeiro, 1997) began her career in Portugal, having moved to Brazil in the late 1949s, achieving immediate success as a singer for Rádio Nacional and becoming one of the Portuguese singers with the greatest recognition in the country. Most of her repertoire is forgotten in old 78 rpm records.

To pay tribute to the singer, Joana Amendoeira - one of today's most celebrated Portuguese singers - joins the band Terno Carioca for a concert that intends to recreate and, at the same time, highlight the artistic legacy of one of the greatest Portuguese singers to establish musical bridges with Brazil.

Terno Carioca is a Brazilian instrumental group formed by Vinicius Lucena (guitar), Lena Verani (clarinet), and Pedro Aragão (mandolin).

The concerts will take place on March 31st, Friday, at 9:30pm, and on April 1st, Saturday, at 7pm, at Teatro da Vista Alegre.


  • Joana Amendoeira: vocals

  • Lena Verani: clarinet

  • Luiz Flávio Alcofra: guitar

  • Pedro Aragão: mandolin 

  • Isaac Raimundo: phonographic installation

Paulo Aragão was responsible for the arrangements and musical direction.

Tickets can be purchased through the online ticket office.