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Chinese Music and Musical Instruments 
中国⺠乐与乐器: 里斯本第七届研讨会 
Chinese Music and Other Asian Musical Traditions
7th Lisbon Conference | 6–7 May
The Macau Scientific and Cultural Center in Lisbon (CCCM), the European Foundation for Chinese Music Research (CHIME), based in Leiden, Netherlands, the Institute of Ethnomusicology, NOVA University Lisbon and the Mafra Municipal Council, together with other Portuguese institutions, public and private, they will organize on 6–7 May, the seventh edition of the Lisbon Music: Chinese Music and Musical Instruments. On 6 May, the academic sessions and the opening concert will take place at the CCCM Museum, and on 7 May at the National Palace of Mafra.
One of the innovations of this edition of the Lisbon Conference will be the approach to some musical traditions in other Asian countries, namely India, Indonesia and also other parts of Southeast Asia. This edition will feature the participation of 27 researchers, Portuguese and foreign, from 11 countries. In their communications, they will address topics related to Chinese Music and Musical Instruments, whether within the scope of ethnomusicology or historical musicology.
Alongside the academic presentations, there will be some concerts and recitals whose repertoire includes Chinese music, Indonesian music and also the instrumental fusion of Chinese and Indian music (guzheng and tabla). This conference’s main objective is to raise awareness among academics about the systemic study of Asian music and instrumentals, as well as the dissemination of musical genres from other Asian cultures among the public in Portugal.
The Jorge Álvares Foundation has been the main sponsor of the Lisbon Conference since its first edition, held in May 2016.
6 to 7-05-2024 | Auditorium of the Macau Scientific and Cultural Center, in Lisbon, and National Palace of Mafra



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