• Dança 6
Next Saturday, June 15, 2024, at the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB), researcher Ana Luísa Veloso will represent INET-md at the training/workshop session “Sononautas: Criação comunitária para todas as infâncias".
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It is a session of sharing and experimentation centered around the creative processes of the “Sononautas” project; the creation of a sound sculpture/game that involves five emerging artists from the fields of music, sculpture, and video art in co-creation with Sonoscopia, and which Ana Luísa Veloso is involved in as a creator and researcher in the field of Education.
For musicians, teachers, educators, parents, mediators, and other interested individuals!
About the Sononautas Project
Sononautas is a community creation for childlike adults and adults who vehemently refuse to grow up. It is conceived through the ears of Sonoscopia, which attentively listens to the interventions of a group of Sononautas. Throughout five sessions, they construct an object that is part cabinet, part spaceship, and can be transported to different spaces. From it emerge various adventures—never-before-heard sounds, sonoscientific experiments, pirate radio signals, or puzzles/scores.
Find more information about the event here.