• Dança 4
December 2nd to 8th, 2019 | 14:30-18:30 | Lisbon | Grupo Desportivo da Mouraria
The "loose thud" Maracatu, also known as rural Maracatu, is a music / dance / poetry performance that takes place during Carnival season in the interior of the state of Pernambuco (Brazil), and can gather up to 200 people. A Maracatu performance is a neighborhood party, a poetic competition, an ancestor worship, a community protection ritual ... "and much more," as the inhabitants of the Pernambuco North Forest Zone claim. Over the course of a week, 12 members of the Maracatu "Leão de Ouro" of Condado, champion of various editions of the Carnival of Recife, will occupy the headquarters of the Mouraria Sports Group, recreating the activities that take place at a Maracatu headquarters: making a banner, sew a costume, rehearse dance "maneuvers" (collective choreography), "beat" the instruments of the "suit" (5 percussions), decorate a verse (makeshift rhymes) ... and much more! The purpose of this artistic and human residence is to engage interested people to form a complete Maracatu group and "play in the street" by parading through the Mouraria neighborhood. Pernambuco artist Hélder Vasconcelos (founding member of internationally renowned bands such as "Mestre Ambrósio") will conduct "pulse presence" workshops for musicians, actors and dancers, in which the traditional knowledge of Pernambuco's interior is reworked in a contemporary vision.
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