• Dança7
Saturdays from 06.03.2021 | 17:30-20:00 | online
Weekly meetings dedicated to learning PureData (aka PD), building LoopStation patches and adapting them to the needs of the participants. The process of building the workshop is a joint one, linking discovery to application.In other words, we will develop the practical and theoretical issues of the PD at the same time that we build the LoopStation mechanisms. It will be done through Zoom. We recommend that everyone has their own computer with the PD installed, so that each participant can practice and build their own LoopStation patch.
Gilson Beck is a pianist and composer. He uses PureData as his main musical composition and performance tool. He received the Funarte Award for Classical Composition for 3 consecutive times (2010, 2012 and 2014) with his compositions. He holds a Master's degree from Universidade de Évora and a degree from Universidade de Campinas/Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa. In addition, he took private lessons with the composer Almeida Prado. In his master's work, he developed a technique of musical composition related to Lacanian Psychoanalysis and the theory of Nodes (Borromean Node). In order to better understand the forms of human relationships, he studies Psychoanalysis at Antena do Campo Freudiano (ACF-Portugal, Lisboa) and does Empathic Communication and Listening Workshops.