• Dança 3

Maria do Rosário Pestana


Armando Leça was a nuclear figure in the process of constructing icons and narratives of "Portuguese music" and of its dissemination along different strata of Portuguese society, with observable impact even today. He developed pioneering actions within the music composition for film and for new performative models, and also in collecting rural music, having gathered the first collection of extensive sound recordings throughout the Portuguese mainland.

This book proposes an approach to the Portuguese musical reality by focusing on Armando Leça´s activity. A musician of intersection, Leça is a key personality when one tries to understand the exchanges, dynamics and values which shaped the musical practice in Portugal in the three decades that mediate the establishment of the Republic and its two-centennial celebration in 1940.





Armando Leça e a Música Portuguesa 1910-1940 | Publisher: Tinta da China, Lisbon | Released: 2012 | ISBN: 978-989-671-106-1 | Size: 21 x 29 cm | Pages: 296 | Language: Portuguese | Paperback