• Palco

Susana Sardo


1987 was a year of major changes in Goa. It was in May of that year that Goa became the youngest state of the Indian Union, having also won two months earlier, recognition of Konkani as official language of the territory. I entered in Goa in this turning point, which allowed me to witness the immediate consequences of its new political status. If the research for my PhD, which is now public, was long, it allowed me the opportunity to witness the last 20 years of life of Goa and its first as an autonomous state of India.

The current widespread concern about the Goan identity, which is a major focus of this book, acquires a greater expression from the changes that 1987 brought to the culture and the Goan society. Therefore, the temporal extension of this work also corresponds to another: the periodic observation of the search context and the multi-sited fieldwork led me to the land itself. My universe of observation and analysis merges well with the study of proper context: dispersed in time and space, as the Goa is at this moment in its history.





Guerras de Jasmim e Mogarim. Música, Identidade e Emoções em Goa | Publisher: Texto, Lisbon | Released: 2011 | ISBN: 978-972-47-3955-7 | Size: 15,5 x 23,5 cm | Pages: 336 | Language: Portuguese | Paperback