• Dança 4

Susana Moreno Fernández, Pedro Roxo e Ivan Iglesias



This electronic publication comprises revised and externally revised versions of a selection of papers, panels and roundtables initially presented at the SIBE+ conference that took place in Lisbon, Portugal, from 28 to 31 October, 2010. Authors and editors represent different generations and scholarly traditions in Europe, Latin America, and the United States of America. Written in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, the articles in this volume deal with contemporary issues in music research in diverse historical and geographical contexts, and are grouped into six parts, according to conference themes: Transatlantic Flows: The Iberian Peninsula, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean (part I); Communication Media, Technologies and Industries of Music, Dance and other Performing Arts: From the Printed Medium to the Internet (part II); Music and Dance: New Educational Challenges (part III); Dialogical Debates in Ethnomusicology (part IV); The Construction/Reception of the Performative Body (part V); New Research (part VI).





Music And knowledge In Transit | Publisher: Edições Colibri/INET-md/SIBE-Sociedad de Etnomosicología | Release: Oct. 2010 | ISBN: 978-989-689-242-5 | Size: 16 x 23 cm | Pages: 24 | Language: Portuguese | Paperback