• Batuque
After 20 years of the municipal program “Porto de Crianças” (1995/2015), we have realized it was of importance to study this program that has covered different generations of children from very different social and cultural backgrounds, namely those regarding their life experiences and musical activities. The program includes the offer of musical activities to children attending primary education and kindergarten and, independently of the different municipal executive boards, has been recognized worthy of gaining governmental support, appearing to have remained active and faithful to its pedagogical principles in the chosen model of curricular intervention.
In this research we will try to understand how the program has been evolving, the representations and benefits it is providing for both children and educators (parents and teachers) and for the educational community in general.
To understand the models of musical intervention throughout the various editions of “Porto de Crianças” (Living a Different School);
To understand the relationship (coherences or inconsistencies) between the objectives outlined by the Oporto Municipal Education Division and the responses of the educational partners (contracted entities);
To understand implementation, products and dissemination activities of the program;
To “evaluate” the musical competences achieved and satisfaction of the participants.

Rui Ferreira

Research Team
Maria José Araújo; Inês Pinto; Ana Isabel Ferreira

2016 until June 2020
Participating Institution
Câmara Municipal do Porto