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Integrated | Assistant Professor - Retired
Escola Superior de Educação | Politécnico do Porto
Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, n.º 602
4200-465 Porto
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: (+351) 22 507 34 60 (ext.: 31450)


Ph.D. in Education, University of Porto, she is a professor at the College of Education in the Porto Polytechnic and researcher at the Research Centre in Psychology of Music and Music Education (CIPEM) INET-md, in the research group ‘Education and Music in the Community’. She is an Education Priority Zones consultant and member of the General Council of School Group of Viso on behalf of the College of Education. Her research interests are free time and leisure, especially in what concerns childhood and play, arts education and creativity. She cooperates regularly with 'primary school Parents Associations and European intervention projects and networks as “In2play” and "Playable Cities network". Recent publications: Estudar, Investigar e Intervir. Porto: ESE-IPP (2016); Crianças Ocupadas. Lisboa: Prime Books (2009); O Quê... Os Adultos não sabem? (co-authored with Catarina Mendes) Lisboa: Prime Books (2010); Expressões, Espaços e Tempos de Criatividade (co-authored with Natércia A. Pacheco). Porto: Livpsic/CIIE (2010); “Music and drama in primary schools in the Madeira Island – narratives of ownership and leadership” (co-authored with Graça Mota) in Music Education Research, Vol. 15, (3), pp. 275-289 (2013); “Activités de Temps Livres dans les Institutions de Soutien à L’Enfance. Un étude au Portugal”. Revue “Les Dossiers des sciences de l’éducation” Presses Universitaires du Mirail, Toulouse, France, vol. 28, pp 27-42 (2011); “Music and Drama Beyond School. The case of Madeira Island”. (co-authored with Natércia Pacheco e Nuna Tormenta). In B. Boufoy-Bastick Cultures of Teacher Education: Comparative International Issues of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Attainment. Strasbourg: Analytrics, pp. 385-406, (2012), "Música como Prática Social: Uma reflexão crítica sobre a atividade de educação musical no 1.º ciclo do Ensino Básico no âmbito das Atividades de Enriquecimento Curricular" (co-authored with Ana Luísa Veloso), Revista Portuguesa de Educação Artística, vol. 6, (1), pp. 65-78 (2016).