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2024-02-07 | 3 p.m. | NOVA FCSH, Colégio Almada Negreiros, Campolide (Lisbon) | Room 208 -  Floor 2 | Zoom Room 
Free entrance, both online and in presence.

Creative Industries in the 21st century


Helena Vasques de Carvalho | INET-md


The presentation aims to provide a diversified and critical approach to contemporary issues related to the production and reproduction of cultural forms. The seminar points out how the international cultural agenda, and economic perception of culture, shape and impact the cultural field and production in the global era, redefining the role of its actors and their place in society. Focused on interdisciplinary research, it addresses issues such as cultural value; culture, globalization, and production dynamics; arts versus cultural industries; and new approaches to cultural conceptualization.
The economic-driven perception of culture through the concept of creative industries, presents an ambiguous scenario for artists, for the justification of government financial support or implementation of cultural policies. But other interpretations of culture arise in contemporary studies, such as ´ecology of culture` (EU), cultural diversity (UNESCO), or CVM studies in the cultural field.

Helena Vasques de Carvalho | PhD in Sociology of Culture (2016), ISCTE-IUL, Portugal, and Master in piano performance from the University of Tennessee, USA. Her major research field relates artists professions in the market economy, artists´ vocational and professional development, the performing arts in the creative agenda and others. She is currently a freelance researcher at INET-md, UnivNova de Lisboa where she teaches a PhD seminar on Creative Industries as well; previous positions include Coordination of the Master’s degree program in music education, ISEIT – Almada; and invited professor at Universidade de Évora. Helena VC is the President of the Portuguese Coalition for Cultural Diversity, a member of IFCDC - International Federation of Cultural Diversity Coalitions; invited observer by UNESCO at the intergovernmental meetings on the 2005 Convention; international expert on creative culture/performing arts; international academic reviewer at IAFOR; invited jury for DGArtes – Culture Ministry, and Fulbright grants. As professional freelance pianist she performed in many concerts, recitals, chamber music and orchestra concerts as orchestra pianist, at Gulbenkian Orchestra and Portuguese Symphonic Orchestra. She is the ABRSM representative in Portugal as well - Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music.