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2024-04-10 | 2 p.m. | NOVA FCSH, Colégio Almada Negreiros, Campolide (Lisbon) | Room 208 -  Floor 2 | Zoom Room 
Free entrance, both online and in presence.
Cesária Évora: Documentation of routes and discourses (CISE)
Ana Flávia Miguel | INET-md
In this seminar, I will present the work carried out in the Project Cesária Évora: documentation of routes and discourses (CISE) that I developed during the year 2023.
What is Cesária Évora's legacy in a predominantly male Cape Verdean musical tradition? In what way did her actions pave the way for other women and other singers?
These were the starting questions for a 12-month project that was motivated by a research journey I began in 2006 on Cape Verdean music. The knowledge I accumulated throughout my journey on social dynamics and musical genres led me to understand that music performance in the diaspora is crucial for the construction of the identities, for the maintenance of emotional ties, and for dialogue. On the other hand, when I participated in the project Skopeofonia (PTDC/CPCMMU/4500/2012), which aimed to map musically a Cape Verdean neighborhood in Lisbon (Kova M), I witnessed a vibrant musical ecosystem that included recording studios, musician mobility, and almost always a reference to Cesária Évora as a feminine symbol of freedom, success, and independence.
CISE is an exploratory project that also contributed to the systematization and analysis of data regarding the paths and discourses of and about Cesária Évora. Since academic production about the artist is limited and, furthermore, since the documents regarding her path are scattered across different countries and places, I established the objective of defragmenting the archive and constructing an open-access database that meets the directives of the European policy on open science. In this seminar, I will share the main challenges of this process of creating a database in the Research Data Repository of the University of Aveiro (DUnAs).




Ana Flávia Miguel | Ethnomusicologist and assistant researcher at the University of Aveiro. She has conducted fieldwork in Portugal, Cape Verde, France, Italy, Brazil, Mozambique, and South Africa. Her main areas of study include Cape Verdean music, music and migration, music and post-colonialism, intangible cultural heritage, digital archives in music, and shared research practices. She has participated in various research projects such as the Skopeofonia, SOMA, Atlas, Libersound and CISE. Since March 2024, she has been the director and editor of the Transcultural Music Journal of the Sociedad de Etnomusicología (SIBE). She is an integrated researcher at the Institute of Ethnomusicology - Center for Studies in Music and Dance and a member of the executive committee, responsible for internationalization and cooperation, of the Department of Communication and Arts at the University of Aveiro.