• Batuque

Isabel Alcobia (soprano) & Helena Marinho (piano)


Throughout his life, Frederico de Freitas explored almost all musical genres, thus demonstrating a great versatility, both within classical and non-classical idioms. His repertoire for voice and piano comprises a substantial part of his vocal compositions, and although these works may be the lesser known of his oeuvre, they are still of great importance. It is precisely within this genre that the versatility of his compositional style is most evident. This repertoire includes both classical and light – or popular – styles of music, and his songs reflect the ease with which he moved between these genres. As a researcher, his studies on medieval Portuguese music, the vast number of traditional Portuguese melodies which he collected throughout his life and his exploration of fado led to his harmonisations of medieval melodies, arrangements of traditional music and fado compositions, in parallel with his composition of classical songs. From an interpretive perspective, the diversity of styles which are present in the songs of Frederico de Freitas require a certain versatility of the classical singer - the ability to adapt, whilst maintaining the technique of classical singing, according to the style of each individual song.




Frederico de Freitas - Do fado à canção erudita: obras para voz e piano | Label: Numérica | Released: 2012 | Ref: NUM 1246 | Total time: 67'33