• Guitarra
Susana Moreno Fernández; Salwa Castelo-Branco; Pedro Roxo; Ivan Iglesias (editors)
This book deals with current issues in music research. Written in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, it is divided into three main parts that focus on: copyright; discourse, power and memory; local and transnational music processes. In the first part, Anthony Seeger, Laurent Aubert and Carlo Nardi question the effectiveness of current copyright laws and discuss the possible contribution of music research in dealing with problems of authorship and copyright. In the second part, Pedro Nunes, Irma Ruiz and Isabel Ferrer Senabre illustrate the increasing interest of ethnomusicologists in the intersection between music and power, with subjects ranging from the popular music press in Portugal and memories of music in Spain to indigenous performances in Argentina and Brazil. In the third part, Luciana Prass, Katherine Brucher and Javier Campos Calvo-Sotelo address the global and local circulation of music, its social and political role, issues of representation, and politically engaged ethnomusicology, focusing on contemporary Brazil, Portugal, and transnational phenomena like "Celtic music".

Current Issues in Music Research - Copyright, Power and Transnational Music Processes| Publisher: Edições Colibri/INET-md/SIBE-Sociedad de Etnomusicologia, Lisbon | Release: 2012 | ISBN: 978-989-689-243-2 | Size: 16 x 23 cm | Pages: 234 | Language: English | Paperback