• Batuque
09.10.2021 | Lisbon | National Museum of Ethnology
On October 9, the National Museum of Ethnology will host the colloquium "Prevention, Access and Uses: crossed views on sounds and popular musical instruments in a museological context". Held within the scope of the exhibition "Vergílio Pereira: Itineraries of an ethnographer", the colloquium results from the collaboration between the National Museum of Ethnology and the project "EcoMusic - Sustainable practices: a study of the pos-folklorism in Portugal in the 21st century", taking place at INET-md, University of Aveiro.
The Colloquium brings together INET-md ethnomusicologists and students, cultural agents from the Ministry of Culture and musicians committed to the revitalization process of popular rural music. Participating in this colloquium are Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco, keynote speaker, Lucas Wink, Margarida Silva, Napoleão Ribeiro, Pedro Félix, Pedro Mestre, Rosário Pestana, Rui Marques and Susana Sardo.