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December 5th, 2019 to May 30, 2020 | Lisbon | National Museum of Ethnology
The exhibition "Vergílio Pereira: Itinerários de um Etnógrafo" aims at disseminate and promote the collection of rural music which Vergílio Pereira, composer, professor and conductor, carried out in 35 municipalities in Portugal. The archive digitisation counted on the cooperation of the University of Aveiro, in the framework of a research project led by Maria do Rosário Pestana, professor at UA and scientific curator of the exhibition. The exhibition is also held in the scope of the R&D project "Our Music, Our World: wind bands and local social life" (PTDC/CPC-MMU/5720/2014), carried out by the Institute of Ethnomusicology - Center for Studies in Music and Dance (INET-md), including resarchers from the University of Aveiro and Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL), ISCTE, Instituto Politécnico do Porto and the Centro em Rede de Investigação em Antropologia (CRIA), of the University of Lisbon.
Photograph: Chula Amarantina or Rabela's instrumental ensemble (Author: Vergílio Pereira, National Museum of Ethnology / Vergílio Pereira Archive)