• Batuque

Cristina Fernandes


The work deals with the history of the Royal Music Seminar of the Patriarchal, specialized establishment in music education, created by D. João V in 1713, following the tradition of the schools that for centuries formed the choir boys of the great cathedrals and chapels of European Courts. The Seminar of the Patriarchal, which was only closed in 1834, following the extinction of the religious orders, was the most important music school in Portugal before the foundation of the Conservatory in 1835, and was responsible for training the most important eighteenth-century Portuguese composers.




"Boa voz de tiple, sciencia de música e prendas de acompanhamento". O Real Seminário da Patriarcal (1713-1834)Publisher: Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal/INET-MD, Lisbon | Released: 2013 | ISBN: 978-972-565-502-3 | Size: 22 x 25,5 cm | Pages: 158 | Language: Portuguese | Paperback