• Dança 2

Victor A. Stoichiță


This book is the first of a series published by Cité de la musique (Paris), on singing traditions worldwide. The purpose of the collection is to provide teaching materials under an ethnomusicological perspective, especially for music teachers. After a general introduction on the history and culture of Rromani (Gypsy), the book features eight repertoire samples of an amateur Rroma singer from a village near Bucharest. The songs are translated and analyzed, and the educational pathways are described. An audio CD features the referenced songs and their variants, interpreted by many Gypsy musicians. The overall aim is to illustrate notions of intelligence, freedom and fantasy - notions that are important in many Roma communities in Romania. The challenge of this book is to bring these concepts into the teaching context of Western music teachers, in order to construct meaningful musical practice sessions with their students.




Chants tsiganes de RoumaniePublisher: Cité de la Musique, Paris | Released: 2011 | ISBN: 978-2-914147-48-4 | Size: 20x 27 cm | Pages: 80 | Language: French | Paperback