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Graça Mota (Org.)


Since 1986, when the Polytechnic's School of Education of Porto started the Music Education Teacher training program, a good portion of candidates for the course had not only started his musical training at the philharmonic bands, as had with these significant relationship of continuity and a very personal belonging, both in terms of family ties either of affections and cultural and social affiliations.
The investigation that led to this book had the overall objective of seeking understanding the role participation in philharmonic bands takes to build the musical identity of young Portuguese, even with the participation of the School of Bragança Education, whose population student was also likely to be framed, in part, explained in the above profile.
The analysis of data collected from students and alumni of the two institutions allowed to build social and cultural context of the philharmonic bands and understand the role they played and continue to play in the structuring of their musical identities.

Crescer nas Bandas Filarmónicas: Um estudo sobre a construção da identidade musical de jovens portuguesesPublisher: Edições Afrontamento, Porto | Released: 2009 | ISBN: 978-972-36-1000-0 | Size: 16 x 23 cm | Pages: 192 | Language: Portuguese | Paperback